The NFL's latest round of head coaching hires is down to just one team, and it's a familiar face. The Browns are still looking for their next coach, and Wednesday the team brought in Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz for an interview.

Cleveland also plans on interviewing Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski and Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels before making a decision, according to NFL Network.

An announcement could come at the end of the week, but the Browns don't seem to be in a rush - or, alternatively, it's possible they don't have much of a plan. 

Schwartz, who once coached the Detroit Lions to the playoffs and has most recently spent four years on Doug Pederson's staff, should certainly be viewed as a viable head coaching candidate after his years of big-time postseason experience with the Eagles. 

But when you spend a few minutes leafing through tweets from Browns fans, it's... pretty clear Schwartz is not their first pick.

Here's what the official @Browns account received when it shared news of Schwartz's interview:

https://twitter.com/thatsmrheretic/status/1214923527738085376 https://twitter.com/SteelRain__0341/status/1214922174173253634 https://twitter.com/keyes2win/status/1214922994046373888 https://twitter.com/JoeNader13/status/1214932268885647360

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