Game film is pretty boring. There’s no sound, no graphics, just a bird’s-eye view of each play in succession. 

It’s football but without any glitz or glamour. 

That’s why this quote from Ryan Fitzpatrick on Wednesday about the Eagles’ defense stood out so much: 

I think the thing that you see right away when you turn on the tape of this defense is they play so fast, flying around, having fun. They have a swagger about them and it shows up even on the player tape we watch, the coach’s tape. This is a defense you love watching play and hate to go against because of how fast and physical they are.

For swagger to show up on game film … that’s pretty incredible.

The veteran quarterback, who will face the Eagles on Sunday in Tampa Bay, said this to a group of Philadelphia reporters in a conference call in advance of the game. This is Fitzpatrick’s 14th season in the NFL, so his being impressed by the Eagles’ defense is really saying something. 

It’s not hard to figure out where the Eagles’ defense gets its swagger from. Jim Schwartz is oozing with it. Everything about his being oozes confidence, from the sunglasses on his face to his sleek suits to his walk. His players have taken on that same personality. 

That’s why a former seventh-round pick like Jalen Mills has been confident enough to earn a starting gig, win a Super Bowl and keep getting better. 


Just look at Mills before Thursday’s game: 

If there has ever been a situation where dancing is in direct correlation to on-field play … this is it. 

Based on all we know about the Eagles’ defense, it shouldn’t be surprising that swagger has shown up on boring game film. But it doesn’t make it any less impressive. 

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