Ranking every Eagles Bud Light can, including the new one


We're less than a month away from football season, which means it's time to start planning the Week 1 tailgates you've been dreaming of for eight months. You're obviously going all-out to capitalize on the Eagles hype which, depending on how the season goes, might not be this high again until Week 1 of next season.

So of course you're going to grab the 24-rack of Eagles-themed Bud Lights, and Bud Light knows that - which is why they just released a brand-new slate of NFL team-themed cans for the 2021 season kickoff.

Here's this year's design, which somehow marks the seventh year of team-specific cans:

Handwriting-style font featuring some fan favorite slogans and the team's fight song? I'll take it. Nothing crazy, but not bad at all.

Yet the real question, the one we've all been thinking about as football season approaches and the Eagles look for answers at QB, is... which Eagles-specific Bud Light kickoff can is the best of all-time?

Luckily for you, I've taken on the extremely important role of providing a definitive ranking of the cans (and bottles!) Bud Light has released since beginning its team-specific can campaign in 2015. 

This is Pulitzer-worthy journalism. I hope you're ready.

7. 2019

This can does nothing for me. The font Bud Light chose for "Fly Eagles Fly" is so thin and ignorable to the point that I wish they didn't include it all, it just muddies everything. This was also the first year Bud Light decided to ditch making the entire can the team's primary color, which was a terrible mistake. That's the whole point of custom cans! Go big or go home! This is a rough draft at best.


6. 2020

We got a whole host of options in 2020, including Bud Light's first foray into bottles, both aluminum and glass. These are solid. I like the splash of color at the mouth of the bottle and at the bottom, and sandwiching the midnight green around black at the bottom of the bottle is a sharp design choice. It just lacks a certain... personality? Or much of a distinguishing characteristic outside of, "This is an Eagles can." Which, yes it is. It definitely is.

5. 2021

This year's design is solid if unspectacular. I like the idea of the hand-drawn font and the tiered look for all the elements, but I'm left wanting more midnight green. More things that say Eagles. The team's logo is extremely small and I can see you needing to scan the coolers at the distributor to separate the Eagles cans from the Jets bottles. Basically a bang-on average design.

4. 2016

There's something to be said for less-is-more, and in 2016 Bud Light decided to go full team color for the cans. I really like leaning into the team identities; otherwise, what are we even doing here? And if you're going to eschew any wordmarks on the can, making the logo big and in your face is the perfect call.

3. 2017

This is a really satisfying can to look at. Big colors, very few lines, a strong font, and the Eagles logo front and center. If you're looking for a can that you'd want to display in some sort of fan-cave-type situation, this is probably the one you grab because it just screams Eagles - both the color and the catchphrase. You've got to love it.

2. 2018

It was hard to not put the can that celebrates the Eagles' first-ever Super Bowl title at No. 1, and there's certainly nothing hugely wrong with this can - though I am knocking points for the huge black stripe where it says "Philly Philly" because it, like the black stripes down the sides of the Lakers' most recent purple jerseys, is just an eyesore. Otherwise it's a sharp enough can and it reminds everyone the Eagles won the Super Bowl (41-33).

1. 2015

Look, I understand the appeal of minimal design. It's cleaner, it's sharper, it's more easily-recognizable from farther distances. Guess what: this is football. Football is not minimal. It's maybe the most maximal sport of all. These inaugural cans in 2015 were perfectly football-y cans. Do they maybe feel slightly dated, slightly of-their-time, with the italicized font and the swooping lines giving the can a buzzy, motion-heavy look? Yeah, sure, but for me that's what makes it great! This can looks like a football fan's beer can. I love it so much.

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