Doug Pederson shed some light Tuesday on his recent frustration with the media, revealing that a published report on Saturday indicating that Nick Foles would be the Eagles’ opening-day quarterback came out before Pederson had decided who his quarterback would be.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reported Saturday that Foles would start the opener against the Falcons at the Linc and not Carson Wentz, who hasn’t been medically cleared following his December ACL injury in Los Angeles.

Pederson accused reporters of “putting words in my mouth” a day later at a press conference, even though Rapoport wasn’t there.

On Tuesday, he explained why he was so upset.

“The decision was not made at the time, you know?” Pederson said. “Still wanted to hear from our medical team, wanted to see exactly where Carson was at.

“And so again if I came off a little abrasive, that’s part of the reason.”

The Eagles announced through their web site on Monday that Foles, the Super Bowl MVP, will start the opener.

Pederson said Wentz wasn’t upset that he learned the news before Pederson gave it to him — or before the decision was even made — but you can understand why Pederson was upset.

“Nobody wants to hear anything from (the media),” Pederson said. “They want to hear it from me. That’s why, again, the reaction. Because I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing for both guys, No. 1, obviously, the Philadelphia Eagles, and that’s why my communication with them is very critical.


“It’s been open, it’s been honest, all the way back since the beginning of April.”

Pederson said Wentz is “close” and “definitely on the right path” but wouldn’t speculate when he’ll be ready to take over for Foles.

And it's safe to say when that decision is made, Pederson will do everything in his power to make sure both quarterbacks hear it personally from him.

“I’ve been in conversation with these guys for a long time,” Pederson said. “And this is why sometimes my emotions get kind of stirred up. Because a lot of times you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes nor do you need to know.

“But Carson’s in a great spot, man. A great spot right now. He understands exactly where he’s at. He works every single day to get back on the field, and that’s all that I can ask for.”

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