Carson Wentz already talking up Jalen Reagor, comparing him to a great

Dave Zangaro

We’re just two days into the Eagles’ padded practices and it’s already pretty clear that Carson Wentz and Jalen Reagor have built a strong rapport. 

It goes beyond the field. 

Because these two have been watching film together as they learn how to play with each other. Reagor said Wentz embraces that every receiver runs routes differently and he likes the way Reagor plays. 

What kind of receiver does Wentz think Reagor is? 

“We watch a lot of clips with our routes and stuff like that,” Reagor said, “and he just says, ‘You’re explosive like Julio (Jones), you can run fast, you can jump high.’ So he compares me to a lot of receivers. 

“He’s just saying certain routes, certain people can’t run. He’s just like, ‘You can run those routes.’ He’s putting it up there, he’s putting it on me, he’s putting it all on me and I’m willing to get better every day and work at it.”

Yes, we’re two days into real training camp and the Eagles’ 1st-round rookie has already drawn a comparison to the best receiver in football. 

Now, Reagor is 5-foot-11, 197-pound rookie and Jones is a 6-3, 220-pound seven-time Pro Bowler. So it’s not like it’s a fair comparison. But all Wentz said is that Reagor is an explosive player. Heck, that’s why the Eagles drafted him. 

And it speaks to the role Wentz is taking in the young receiver’s development, that he’s talking him up this much already. Confidence is important for any young player; they need to know they belong. 


“Confidence is me. I walk around with confidence, I have confidence,” Reagor said. “That’s natural to me. For him to see that in me, it just drives me to go harder because I don’t want to be satisfied.” 

Wentz obviously has a vested interest in Reagor’s development but the veteran quarterback has already been impressed by the rookie’s willingness to learn and desire to be great. On Monday, Wentz said he sees a bright future for Reagor and wants to help him be great.

During his first four years in the NFL, Wentz hasn’t had that No. 1 receiver to grow with. He’s had an all-time tight end, he’s had some serviceable receivers and running backs, but not a true No. 1 receiver. Think about Donovan McNabb’s career and how the Eagles never really found that stud to grow with him. 

It’s so early and we don’t know yet if Wentz has that in Reagor, but those two are off to a good start. 

“I feel like we’re gelling well,” Reagor said. “I love Carson, that’s my dude. I look forward to a long, long career with him.”