Carson Wentz and Travis Fulgham are building something special


It’s not just that Carson Wentz completed a lot of passes to Travis Fulgham on Sunday. It’s that with the game on the line, Wentz made up his mind that he was going to give the young receiver chances to make plays.

Whether he was open or not.

The Eagles lost to the Ravens 30-28 on Sunday but we’re starting to see something special brewing between the Eagles’ quarterback and the receiver who has come out of nowhere to become their No. 1 option.

Forget being a good story. We’re so far beyond the idea that he might be a fluke. Wentz and Fulgham are building something that can last way beyond just this year.

“Absolutely. He’s a baller,” Wentz said on Sunday evening. “I said last week, I see it in practice. It’s good to just see these guys get their chance and make plays. … There was zero blitz a handful of times today and I just looked to him.”

Fulgham on Sunday was targeted 10 times. He caught six passes for 75 yards and a touchdown and also drew a 49-yard pass interference call. And on Sunday, he was being covered by guys like Marcus Peters, Marlon Humphrey and Jimmy Smith.

Four of Fulgham’s six catches and that DPI came in the fourth quarter.

“It means a lot that Carson trusts me now and we continue to build on it,” Fulgham said. “I just wish I could’ve made more plays for the team, and we just need to do more to get the win.”


Even on Fulgham’s touchdown catch, Wentz was going backwards and felt confident enough in his relatively new receiver to throw the ball up to him in tight coverage. Fulgham comes down with it despite Peters and Humphrey providing the coverage.

“Wentz made a check at the line. It was a great check,” Fulgham said. “And he placed the ball at the right spot, floated it up, and let me get a chance to go up and get it.”

The thing with Fulgham is that when you give him a chance to go up and make a play, he does. Wentz has clearly taken notice. Because he isn’t hesitating at all to give him those chances.

This kid just keeps making big play after big play. Heck, at this point we’re beyond asking if he’s coming off the field when the veterans return. The questions now have to be about making sure he’s a part of this team long-term.

In three games since getting signed from the practice squad, Fulgham has caught 18 passes for 284 yards and three touchdowns.

Fulgham, who didn’t get to training camp until Aug. 20 and who spent the first three weeks of the 2020 season on the practice squad, is now the Eagles’ leading receiver. And it isn’t particularly close. Fulgham has 284 receiving yards and Greg Ward is second on the team with 191.

In his first three games with the Eagles, Fulgham is averaging 94 yards per game and is on pace to finish with 1,230 in 13 games. Now, it’s probably safe to assume he won’t get there, but he’s on his way to a big season either way. And Wentz isn’t going to stop throwing to him anytime soon.

One of the most encouraging things in a loss on Sunday was that the connection between Wentz and Fulgham keeps growing. It means a lot that Wentz is confident enough in Fulgham to throw up those passes to him.

And Fulgham’s confidence in his ability to bring them down will keep growing too.

“I mean, that’s the plan,” Fulgham said about jump balls. “I’m not going to say I’m not going to come down with it. So, yeah, I have confidence in him at all times, and we keep continuing to grow.”