Last we heard from Dave Zangaro, he was still roaming the jungles of Argentina, hiding from a crazed ocelot at the top of a jacaranda tree, desperately clinging to his laptop and trying to finish researching average AFC vs. NFC practice squad salaries over the last 20 years. So with Dave off the grid for a few more days, Roob’s co-host for today’s Eagle Eye podcast was Mike Mulhern, a Pennsbury High School graduate, producer of NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Quick Slants and the person with the greatest Philly sports trivia memory in history.

On today’s episode, Mike and Roob tossed around:

• Who should the Eagles’ backup QB be next year?

• Who will be the last starter from the Super Bowl still with the team?

• Christian Kirk of the Cards raves about new Eagles WR coach Aaron Moorehead, his college WR coach 

• Why does Buddy Ryan still engender such extremes of opinion 29 years after he was fired?


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