1 of Wentz’s biggest supporters thinks he's done in Philly


Former NFL quarterback and ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky has been one of Carson Wentz’s biggest supporters in recent seasons.

And even he thinks Wentz is done in Philly.

Orlovsky was on ESPN’s Get Up on Monday morning to deliver this message about the future of the quarterback position in Philadelphia:

“Carson Wentz won’t take another snap for the Philadelphia Eagles ever again. He can’t. And he shouldn’t. This is going to be a divorce, it’s going to be pricey and it’s going to be impactful. I said last week, I don’t see if Jalen Hurts continues to play good football how you could have both of them on your football team next year. After yesterday, you can’t.

"After what has transpired this weekend with the report and then Jalen Hurts’ continued performance, the door was opened, right, by Carson Wentz’s subpar play. And Jalen has kicked that door open. And you can’t have Carson Wentz play quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles again. It’s going to become a toxic relationship that’s going to affect everybody.”

You can see Ryan Clark’s eyes almost pop out of his head as Orlovsky gets into some of that.

There’s no question that this weekend has definitely made the long-term situation at quarterback in Philadelphia murkier, as our Reuben Frank wrote.

On top of a report that Wentz wouldn’t want to be back with the Eagles in 2021 as a backup, Hurts was tremendous against the Cardinals on Sunday. Hurts threw for 338 yards, 3 touchdowns and also picked up 63 yards and another score on the ground. It was a great game and he’s now played well and given the Eagles’ offense life in back-to-back games since Wentz was benched.


That stuff is hard to overlook.

Orlovsky brought up the money, which is an important part in all this. Because it won’t be cheap for the Eagles to move on from Wentz. Heck, trying to cut him is completely out of the question unless the Eagles are cool with $60 million in dead money. (They won’t be.) They could designate him as a post-June 1 cut but even that is really expensive.

The best option if the Eagles want to rid themselves of Wentz is to trade him, which is still expensive but the lesser of the evils.

OverTheCap did an excellent job of breaking down these scenarios last month.

But the reality of the situation, as Orlovsky sees it, is that this team is no longer Wentz’s. He sees Hurts taking control as the quarterback and doesn’t think the rookie is going to give that up.

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