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Why Carson Wentz will be an Eagle next year

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I hear a lot of talk about where the Eagles might trade Carson Wentz, where he’d be a good fit, what team might want him to be their quarterback in 2021.

I’ve got the perfect team for Carson Wentz to play for next year.

The Eagles!

He’s not going anywhere. They’re not going to trade him. I’d be shocked if they do.

Because you simply don’t give up on someone with his pedigree after one miserable year.

I don’t know if Wentz will ever be the MVP candidate he was in 2017 or even the top-10 QB he was in 2018 and 2019. But the Eagles owe it to Wentz and to themselves to find out.

Howie Roseman has failed Wentz by not providing him with good enough weapons. Doug Pederson has failed Wentz by abandoning the running game week after week. The receivers, the offensive line, the running backs have all failed Wentz by not doing their jobs the way they should.

None of this is absolving Wentz of his significant role in the mess that the Eagles’ offense has become. He’s been brutal. A ton of quarterbacks have had bad offensive lines and unproductive receivers and dropped passes and haven’t been this bad.

But why give up on someone who threw 81 touchdowns and 21 interceptions, completed 64 percent of his passes and had a 98.3 passer rating over the last three years because of 12 bad games when everything around him was falling to pieces too?

Maybe Wentz just isn’t that good anymore. It’s possible. Maybe the injuries have taken a cumulative toll. Maybe there are other factors we just don’t know.


But the Eagles have invested too much in Wentz to get rid of him without learning if this is who he really is.

Do you really want to see Wentz return to form next year playing for some other team at 28 years old?

Plus, if Wentz is here next year, he’s got a $34.6 million cap hit. If he’s traded, he’s got a $33.8 million cap hit. So that’s a push. The only benefit is you get him off the books beyond 2021 and you get some compensation.

But what can you realistically expect in exchange for a quarterback who was this bad? Again, among quarterbacks who’ve started at least 10 games this year, he’s last in passer rating, yards per attempt, completion percentage and interception percentage.

Teams aren’t lining up to unload a truckload of premium draft picks for a reclamation project whose future is in question.

No, the best thing the Eagles can do is keep Wentz and try to get him back to where he was. 

But that can’t happen unless other things change. Better coaching. Better players. That starts with Jeff Lurie because he needs to determine whether Howie Roseman needs to go (he does) and whether Doug Pederson needs to go (he may).

Surround Wentz with a dynamic, innovative play caller, fast, gifted receivers and a stout offensive line and let’s see what he can be.

Eagles 2021 training camp begins in seven months, and presumably Brandon Brooks and Lane Johnson will be back healthy and hopefully Jason Kelce will be back as well. Whoever the GM is must find some weapons – real weapons - and whoever the WR coach is must get more out of that group.

Where does Jalen Hurts fit into all of this? If he lights it up these next four weeks, then, sure, he should get a chance to compete for the starting job next summer. 

And if Hurts is able to raise himself above this offense’s deficiencies and perform at a high level, he deserves it.

But the most likely scenario is that 2021 begins the same way as the last five opening days. With Wentz at the helm.

It’s up to the Eagles to give him a chance to be great again.

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