Carson Wentz injury more proof Philly fan paranoia is real

Carson Wentz injury more proof Philly fan paranoia is real

Woe Is Us.

“The sports gods have something against us.”

“These refs are out to get us.”

“We always go up against the hot goalie.”

“Things are going too well, something bad is going to happen.”

Admit it, if you’re a Philadelphia sports fan, those words to some degree or another have come out of your mouth more than once. True, you could probably apply those paranoid rants to most sports cities. But today, you, the Philadelphia sports fan, have every right to feel like there’s a higher power conspiring against you.

Carson Wentz's injury is not a gut-punch, it’s a haymaker that just connected clean on the jaw and down went the Eagles' Super Bowl hopes. With Wentz under center, the Eagles were capable of beating any team. With Nick Foles, a playoff win or two is surely possible. The Birds have overcome serious injuries this season. Jason Peters, Jordan Hicks and Darren Sproles were major losses for this team, and to the players' and the coach’s credit, they have been able overcome them.

But with all due respect to those guys, including future Hall of Famer Peters, this is different — 57 years of championship futility went to 58 with 3:53 left in the third quarter last night in Southern California when Wentz's left knee got crunched.

Things were just too perfect. Second year, MVP-front-running quarterback, tough defense, head coach proving all the naysayers wrong, leading his team to the best record in the conference. A bye, home-field advantage, Minnesota here we come. Finally putting an end to the “How many rings do you have?” discussion. Dare to dream. It was all setting up too perfectly ... then boom.

If you grew up here or have lived here long enough, you bare the scars of Philadelphia’s sports past. Whether it’s the Phillies' collapse in 1964, Black Friday, Bernie’s eye, Leon Stickle, the Sixers up 3-1 in 1981, Randall’s knee in 1991, Joe Carter, JVR over Patrick Kane, Ryan Howard’s Achilles ... and that's just to name a few. The list could go on and on and on. The Philadelphia sports fan's paranoia is not unfounded. And here is yet the latest, shining example.

To be blunt, Wentz has brass balls. We didn’t need to see him stay in the game for four additional plays after his knee injury Sunday to know that. He stands in the pocket with defenses bearing down on him like no quarterback I’ve ever seen. His fearlessness is perhaps the greatest attribute of his many. He’ll dip his shoulder and take off out of the pocket like a running back. He’s strong enough to shrug off a would-be sack in the pocket and make an incomprehensible play. But the courage comes with a price and the bill came due. And you know what? It sucks. Only in Philadelphia can you have the irony of winning a wild road game with a backup quarterback against a really good team while clinching the division title ... and yet you’re somehow left feeling deflated.

It’s not easy being green, as Kermit The Frog once said. Truer words have never been spoken.

Roob (and Ray Didinger) Knows Podcast - Why Jordan Matthews over Josh Gordon

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Roob (and Ray Didinger) Knows Podcast - Why Jordan Matthews over Josh Gordon

On the latest edition of Roob Knows, Reuben Frank discusses why bringing back Jordan Matthews was the right move over a player like Josh Gordon.

Fans need to take it easy on Jalen Mills. He's a good cornerback that had a bad game.

Roob gets into the unique, almost unprecedented, relationship between Nick Foles and Carson Wentz.

Also, Ray Didinger joins the podcast and Roob and Ray answer your questions about the Eagles.

1:00 -  Jordan Matthews was the correct signing.
6:30 - Take it easy on Jalen Mills.
9:00 - Unique relationship between Nick Foles and Carson Wentz.
12:00 - Ray Didinger and Roob answer your questions.
25:00 - Roob Knows stats.
27:30 - Eagles running back situation.
30:30 - Eagles/Colts prediction.

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Eagles injury update: Jay Ajayi, Darren Sproles miss practice again


Eagles injury update: Jay Ajayi, Darren Sproles miss practice again

For the second straight day, Eagles running backs Jay Ajayi (back) and Darren Sproles (hamstring) were not practicing. 

That means they will have missed the two most important practices of the week and their availability for Sunday’s game is very much in question. 

Sproles injured his hamstring in practice before the last game and Ajayi took a hit on his lower back during Sunday’s game in Tampa. Ajayi toughed it out to come back in that one, but was in pain after the game. 

If Ajayi and Sproles can’t play vs. the Colts, the Eagles will be down to three running backs: Corey Clement, Wendell Smallwood and Josh Adams, who was just brought up from the practice squad this week. 

The Eagles will likely be light at running back and receiver this week for Carson Wentz’s return. 

Wentz, who was a full participant for the first time this season Wednesday, was back on the field Thursday. He looked good in the small portion of practice reporters are allowed to watch. 

Linebackers Nate Gerry (groin) and D.J. Alexander (knee) were both back practicing after missing Wednesday’s session. That’s a good sign for the Eagles’ special teams. 

For the Colts, receiver T.Y. Hilton, running back Marlon Mack, tight end Jack Doyle and offensive tackle Anthony Castonzo all did not practice Thursday, according to NFL Network's Tom Pelissero.

The Eagles will release an official injury report later this afternoon and game statuses will be released Friday. 

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