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You’re frustrated waiting for Carson Wentz to get cleared?

How do you think he feels!

Wentz did full-team drills on July 26 and July 28 but hasn’t participated in them since, and it’s driving him nuts.

“It’s frustrating,” he said after practice Tuesday. “Obviously, getting a chance to get out there and everything, I felt great, it was fun to be out there, but again just trusting what the doctors are saying. 

“But without a doubt it’s tough to just sit there and watch. I did it last season and now getting your feet wet and going in and out, it’s not what I’d like. But I’m making the most of it.”

Wentz, now eight months out from his knee injury in L.A., hasn’t missed a day of practice since training camp began two weeks ago, but he’s been limited to individual and 7-on-7s since his last day of full-team drills.

He won’t play in the preseason opener on Thursday night at the Linc against the Steelers and, honestly, nobody expects him to play at all in the preseason.

Wentz said he doesn’t expect to do team drills next week either, which takes us to two weeks before the opener against the Falcons on Sept. 6.

“I think for next week it’s going to be the same type of routine and then kind of keep talking to the doctors and coaches and make a plan as we go,” he said.


Wentz had a terrific day on Tuesday, but he said it’s been tough at times to get into a rhythm at practice because he’s missing all the full-team work.

You see him light up the defense in 7-on-7s, then head off to a side field for conditioning work or throwing while Nate Sudfeld leads 11-on-11s. Then after a while he’s back in action.

“It can be a challenge, without a doubt,” he said. “But that’s the challenge I have right now. 

“It’s kind of like being on the sideline for a long period of time during a game, a long drive for the other team, something like that. Sometimes it’s tough to find a rhythm and right now I just have to make the most of it.”

Doug Pederson has said he saw everything he needed to see when Wentz participated in the first three 11-on-11 sessions of the summer and doesn’t want to subject Wentz to any unnecessary risk at practice.

The Eagles won’t say it, but everything sure seems to point to Wentz being ready for the opener.

“I think I’ve shown what I need to show them,” he said. “I think now it’s just a timetable, when the doc’s comfortable, and that’s ultimately their call.”

What about not playing any snaps in the preseason?

It doesn’t matter. He’ll be ready.

“I don’t think it’s a big hurdle for me,” he said. “Would I love to be out there on Thursday? Absolutely. I’d love to be out there every day. But I think for me personally, I think I’ll be fine if I don’t get out there for preseason.”

And Wentz promises you’ll see the same Carson Wentz you’re used to once he finally does get on the field.

“I feel really good mechanically and everything,” he said. “Arm feels strong. Feel like I can make all the throws. Don’t feel like I’ve lost a step because of the knee.”

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