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How to fix Wentz? Pederson explains

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Doug Pederson answered 12 questions during his 17-minute media availability Monday afternoon, and eight of them were on the same topic.

What else? Carson Wentz.

Wentz is off to the worst two-game start by an Eagles quarterback in 17 years, and Pederson’s job is to figure out why. And fix it.

Here in Q&A form are some highlights from Pederson's presser that shed some light on his feelings about what’s happening right now with the fifth-year quarterback.

Q: Why is Carson regressing in his fifth year in the NFL? 

Pederson: “It's a good question. For us, it's a matter of continuing to work. I think as coaches and players, we continue to strive to get better every single day. I just don't want Carson to feel like he has to make all the plays every single time. I want him to just be Carson and you guys know him, you've been around him, you've heard him, his demeanor. He wants to do everything right and we've given him control to do that, but we just have to continue to work to get better.”

Q: Why is Carson missing easy throws, even when he’s not under pressure? 

Pederson: “Just missing. I guess you can point to a lot of different things: Missing OTAs, not having all the necessary maybe reps during training camp, missing preseason games, whatever it might be, the timing of things that we do in the passing game and just missing these throws. They are throws that he typically would (make) and it's a little bit, too, on the receivers. Sometimes the receivers need to make the catch, as well.


Q: Carson’s never had back-to-back games this bad on any level. How concerned are you about his confidence and his ability to work his way out of this?

Pederson:: “I’m not concerned about that because of just who Carson is. I see his work ethic during the week. One way to get out of it is you've just got to continue to stay aggressive. Stay on the attack, and I don't want anybody to go into a shell. That's no way to approach our business, our craft, our jobs, and for sure I don't want … Carson to do that. We just have to stay on the attack, and we have to continue to work, so I'm not concerned about that at all.”

Q: What did you see on the interception in the end zone when he was throwing to J.J. Arcega-Whiteside?

Pederson: “On that particular play, that one's unacceptable. That one is not part of the play. It's a back-side progression, obviously, and it's unfortunate. I've got to do a better job, offensively we have to do a better job with plays of that nature, that we coach those a little bit bitter and the details of that particular route. It was a little bit of a new concept for us in the game plan this week and we've got to do a better job, but that one's unacceptable. Carson would say the same thing and we've got to own that one.” 

Q: To the casual observer, it seems like you were more comfortable calling plays for Nick Foles than Carson. Is that true?

Pederson: “Well, you're talking about two different guys, two different personalities. Two guys that approach the game a little bit differently. You tailor it to their strengths and that was one of the things that I had to do with Nick when he took over a few years ago, is find out what he liked. That's what we do with Carson, and as we even in-game make decisions, continuing to have conversations on the sideline, with he and Press (Taylor) and myself, just, ‘What do you like? What are you seeing? What would you like for me to call?’ Or if I'm not calling something, let me know, that way I can get it into the game. And both guys are different, and we understand that, and just want to make sure that Carson does feel comfortable with the game plan because (Carson has) input, just as Nick had input with what we're doing each week.”