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Carson Wentz's silence speaks volumes

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How does Carson Wentz feel about the broadcast report that his relationship with Doug Pederson is fractured beyond repair and that he wants to be traded?

We don’t know. And it looks like we won’t know. At least not for a while.

Wentz declined to speak to the media Monday on locker cleanout day, according to an Eagles spokesman.

He hasn’t spoken to the Philly media since immediately after the Packers game a month ago, when he was replaced in the third quarter by Jalen Hurts.

He didn't play another snap the rest of the year and was inactive for Sunday's season-ending loss against Washington.

Maybe it's not entirely fair to Wentz to interpret his decision not to speak as tacit approval of the report Sunday by ESPN’s Chris Mortensen quoting anonymous sources as saying that Wentz plans to ask for a trade and “clearly wants out of Philadelphia.” 

But the fact that nobody in Wentz’s camp – not his agent, not him – has as much as issued a statement or posted anything on social media denying the report is notable. 

And Monday – when several other Eagles met with the media on Zoom calls - was seen as an opportunity for Wentz to clear the air if he felt the report was unfair or mischaracterized his true feelings.

Nothing but silence.

Earlier in the day, Eagles general manager Howie Roseman said the team isn’t talking about trading Wentz “right now.”


But no team wants an unhappy, disgruntled player, especially at the most important position in sports. No matter where he was drafted or how big his salary.

Roseman and Doug Pederson have both said it’s way too early to speculate whether Wentz or Hurts - or someone else entirely - will be the team’s starting quarterback in 2021.

Pederson did insist Monday his relationship with Wentz is good: “Yeah, the relationship is good, is fine and it’s something that we’re going to continue to build upon.”

It’s human nature if someone is spreading false information about you to want to clear the air. To set the record straight. To at least address it.

But the lack of any sort of comment from Wentz speaks volumes. 

Maybe he just doesn’t believe it’s necessary to refute a media report quoting anonymous sources. It’s possible. There’s no rule that he has to say anything to anybody.

But Wentz has always been very aware of public opinion and quick to shoot down unsubstantiated rumors or address anonymous reports in the past.

More likely, he really does want out, and the next time we hear from Wentz it’ll be at a podium in front of a banner that says "Colts" or "Patriots" or "Bears." 

Anything other than “Eagles.”