Winning the Super Bowl can be a pretty big deal for fans of certain teams. It created memories of a lifetime for many here in Philadelphia when the Eagles finally won their first Super Bowl a few years back. Plenty of people wanted to hold those memories close to their heart forever -- or their arm, leg, thigh, or pretty much anywhere you can put a tattoo.

The diagram of the Philly Special showed up more than once in tattoo form in the Philly area. And Jason Kelce as the Mummer giving the greatest speech ever is still my personal favorite.

But I never saw anything quite like one Kansas City Chiefs fan got inked onto their body for the rest of their life.

Yes, that's Andy Reid as the Mandalorian and Patrick Mahomes as Baby Yoda and it's glorious. For the non Star Wars fans out there, the Mandalorian is a fantastic new chapter in the Star Wars world in the form of a television show available now on Disney+ in which the main character, bounty hunter Mando, takes care of an adorable lil baby alien that looks just like Yoda. It's fun for the whole family.

Ink-loving Philly fans are going to have to really step up their creativity when the Sixers bring home the Pat OB trophy this summer.