Long has some encouraging words for Eagles winning division: 'The door's open'


We're now in Week 7 of the 2020 NFL season and if you're a fan of any team in the NFC East, things probably seem pretty bleak right now. 

It's all about perspective though, right? 

While the records across the board are less than ideal, someone *has* to win the division, as crazy as it seems. This past week in particular has drastically altered the Eagles' chances to win the division. 

Former Eagle Chris Long joined NBC Sports Philadelphia's Pregame Live to share his thoughts on the status of his former team. 

"Monday night, listen - you ask me last week who's winning the east - it's the Cowboys," Long said. "And people can be like 'disloyal,' whatever. I have an obligation as a media member to tell the truth. 

"That roster is better than the Eagles' roster, but then Dak [Prescott] got hurt. And then Andy [Dalton] showed us what he looks like right now the other night, and I'm thinking to myself, 'the door is open.'

It's going to be a bumpy road for the remainder of the season for the Eagles, but let's view what their schedule now looks like after tonight:

  • Week 8 - Cowboys (2-4) 
  • Week 9 - BYE
  • Week 10 - Giants (1-5)
  • Week 11 - Browns (4-2)
  • Week 12 - Seahawks (5-0)
  • Week 13 - Packers (4-1)
  • Week 14 - Saints (3-2)
  • Week 15 - Cardinals (4-2)
  • Week 16 - Cowboys (2-4)
  • Week 17 - Redskins (1-5)

At the moment, they only have four games against teams with losing records ... and they're all currently in the NFC East. 

All the more reason to believe there's a chance to win it.