Former QB goes off on Wentz for 'stupid crap'


You wouldn't be hard-pressed to find an Eagles fan willing to rant about the current state of the team, including Carson Wentz. In fact, most conversations would probably start there.

And apparently even non-Eagles fans are starting to get frustrated with Wentz, who seems to have lost all the instincts and abilities that made him such a transcendent player just three years ago.

On Thursday morning's episode of NBC Sports Network's Pro Football Talk, former NFL quarterback Chris Simms went on a little mini-rant about what he's seen from Wentz through three games, and why it's driving him absolutely crazy.

It began when this question was posed: What's more likely to happen on Sunday Night Football, Carson Wentz throwing zero interceptions or Nick Mullens throwing two-plus touchdown passes?

"I'm gonna go with Nick Mullens throws two-plus TD passes. I mean, you can't go with Carson Wentz throwing zero interceptions. Is that possible right now? He'll probably have seven guys on his back at one point and try to throw the ball 40 yards down the field. It's what he does. I really like him, and want to root for him, because I see really high-end talent, but that crap pisses me off, I can't lie. Because I like him, but it's like, 'C'mon man, stop some of this stupid crap.'"

That's pretty strong stuff from Simms, and it's hard to fault what he's saying. Wentz's shortcomings this year - high throws and overthrows, missing open receivers, and frequent interceptions - are problems a fifth-year franchise QB simply shouldn't be having.


I, too, would pick the Mullens outcome as more likely right now. Wentz is completing less than 60% of his passes this year, has six interceptions on 132 pass attempts, and looks lost.

Simms' comments are interesting, because Wentz has had multiple ardent supporters in the "former journeyman QB" ranks over the years. Another one, ESPN's Dan Orlovsky, spent all offseason talking up Wentz and defending him as a top-flight quarterback.

But Orlovsky, too, has since changed his tune up on the Eagles' QB, as early as Week 1:

When you start losing the people who are choosing to root for you, fandoms aside, you're not in a good place. Here's hoping Wentz can start to figure it out and win some people back.