Eagles fans, get to know the Cowboys' quarterback on ... LinkedIn?


You have to hand it to Ben DiNucci, he has his bases covered.

The Cowboys’ presumed starting quarterback for this week’s game against the Eagles (if Andy Dalton can't playhas a page on the business and employment networking site LinkedIn.

It looks like DiNucci set up this page during his senior year at James Madison, where he received a communication and media studies degree after playing at Pitt for three years.

Not surprisingly, this page doesn’t list many accomplishments. He’s only 23 years old, after all. But he could update his employment history. “NFL quarterback” has a way of making a résumé stand out from the rest.

He has 151 connections at last check. Well, 153, if you count the two passes he completed last week against Washington.

Under “about,” he cites his football experience, from which he’s “acquired critical time management and leadership skills that will transfer to the real world.” Those skills will certainly be put to the test Sunday night if he starts against the Eagles.

Among his skills, he also lists “conflict resolution,” which could really go a long way, considering the infighting that has been going on with his team this season.

There’s just something funny about an NFL quarterback having a LinkedIn account. 

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