Corey Clement 'feeling 100 percent' after scary moment


It’s the fourth quarter and the Eagles are in desperation mode. 

Nick Foles scrambles to extend a play then finally unleashes a pass down the sideline. Corey Clement thinks he has a chance to make a big play, and possibly score a touchdown. Instead he’s on the receiving end of a big hit, crumbles to the ground, and stays down. 

Players are kneeling, praying, thinking the worst. Then, after what seems like forever, Clement slowly gets up and walks to the sideline.

“I’m feeling good. I’m feeling 100 percent,” Clement said on Eagles Postgame Live. “It’s just one of those things. Two players going after the ball. I didn’t see him coming over the top and I thought I had an open play. It’s one of those plays that was extended, and Nick found me. 

“I’m thinking it’s like one of those heroic plays. This might be my moment,” Clement said with a laugh, “but that hit came out of nowhere. It stung me for a moment, but I bounced right back up. He caught me in the chest but I’m fine.”
Clement will be sore on Monday, but he has to be ready for the next battle. 

The Eagles are banged up. From Carson Wentz to Alshon Jeffery to Jason Peters to Mike Wallace to Jay Ajayi. This team needs all the healthy bodies it can get.

Because coming to town next Sunday is a Colts squad — that went into Washington and took down the Redskins — that may not be as bad as we expected.


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