Chris Long/Instagram

Of course Chris Long brought underdog mask on Mt. Kilimanjaro climb

The underdog mask is a worldwide phenomenon.

Chris Long posted a picture on his Instagram of himself wearing the famous mask at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Check out the personalized Eagles flag and caption as well ...

Long and his "Conquering Kili" crew, a team comprised of U.S. military veterans and current and former NFL players (including former Eagle Connor Barwin), climbed the mountain in Tanzania to raise awareness for Long's Waterboys initiative. The mission of Waterboys is to bring "life-sustaining well water to East African communities in need." This was the third time Long made the 19,000-plus-foot climb, which takes around six days to complete.

“The awareness for our cause, clean water in East Africa … this is our best platform," Long told Sports Illustrated's Peter King. "The world water crisis is huge, and it means so much to me that we’ve been able to raise enough money to build 32 wells in such desperate areas. We haven’t set a monetary goal this year, but if we could raise enough money for three or four wells [at $40,000 per well], that’s going to help so many people."

Here are Long and his team at the top of the mountain.