The Cowboys' Thanskgiving tradition needs to end


It's that time of the year: stuffing, sweet potato casserole, mashed taters and watching a slopfest Cowboys game on Thanksgiving.

Dallas has done this since 1966, a tradition they bit from the Lions, who've been hosting Thanksgiving games since 1934. FDR was still in his first of four terms and the NFL treated the Cowboys to this to capitalize on the money pouring in from the franchise's fickle fans around the country in the '60s.

Jerry Jones? Quite possibly the shadow commissioner of the National Football League. The Cowboys are "America's Team," I guess, but that whole concept is a fallacy based on bandwagon bozos nationally. The Cowboys playing every Thanksgiving is pompous and as out-dated as Windows 95 (coincidentally the last year Dallas won the Super Bowl).

Dallas draws eyeballs and cultivates storylines, but the Jaguars, Jets and Panthers each have more playoff wins than them in the last two decades-plus. Do we spend our post-turkey food comas watching a game in Jacksonville (or London, wildly enough)? No, of course not. I'd rather have been treated to watching Jake Delhomme of all people in Carolina in my youth than the likes of Chad Hutchinson, Vinny Testaverde and Ryan Leaf.

We also have to sit through a country concert at halftime every single year. The last thing I want to hear while inhaling an entire apple pie is the stylings of Luke Bryan. Let's have a game in Philly next year and showcase Meek Mill or the Wonder Years to the world.


The idea that the Cowboys are synonymous with winning no longer exists in reality. It's time for this stolen tradition to end.

Since 2014, the Cowboys have played two Thursday games in every season with the exception of 2015. In those six seasons, including this year, the Cowboys' Thursday games have come in back-to-back weeks, playing on the Thursday following Thanksgiving every time. In two of those seasons, 2017 and 2018, they were home for both Thursday contests. That's an outrageous competitive advantage!

Teams across the league loathe Thursday night contests because of the lack of rest and quick travel turnaround. Every time a team travels to Texas for that late afternoon Thanksgiving contest, they are immediately at a disadvantage as soon as they step on the plane there.

I'm thankful for many things in our currently turbulent world. Watching the NFL gift the Cowboys a win annually is certainly not among them.