Mike McCarthy might not be a football genius


Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy is in danger of having a one-and-done stint down in Dallas. With his locker room quitting on him, his roster decimated by injuries and his team flailing even in the awful NFC East, McCarthy still finds ways to reach new lows.

Speaking with NFL Network reporter Kim Jones this past week, McCarthy dropped this analytics truth bomb on the football world: once a team gets to four division wins, it's likelier to win its division.

What other theories does Jedi master McCarthy have up his sleeve? Once a team is down 25-3, it's likelier that they'll lose a game. Once a team gives up over 200 rushing yards, it's likelier that they have the worst defense in the NFL. Once a team starts their third-string quarterback, it's likelier that their season is over.

It felt inevitable that when the Cowboys moved on from Jason Garrett this past offseason that literally any new coach would be an upgrade. We've learned to never misjudge the absurdity and incompetence of Jerry Jones, as it turns out that McCarthy's shiny Super Bowl ring isn't worth squat down in Dallas.

A 2-5 start from Dallas is all it took for McCarthy to start airing the Cowboys' dirty laundry in the press, a recipe for disaster ahead of their prime time game against the Eagles this Sunday. Yikes.

I beg you, Jerry Jones, do not give up on Mike McCarthy so easily. You gave Garrett nine years to figure things out. McCarthy can't clean up his mess this quickly! I think ol' Jerry needs to give him a minimum of five or six years running the Cowboys before we can truly begin to evaluate the job he's doing.