Cowboys' own Twitter account roasts Dak after 49ers loss


Late Sunday night, as a large swath of the football internet was cackling at the Dallas Cowboys for once again getting bounced from the postseason, the team itself decided to join the chorus.

The Cowboys' official Twitter account fired off this tweet just before midnight on Sunday night, a couple hours after the 49ers beat Dallas in the divisional round:

My. Goodness.

Now, it should be mentioned that the Cowboys have long been an exception to the way most teams write and cover themselves. The organization has been surprisingly honest on its team website for years, and the social media accounts have largely reflected the same voice. Frankly, I find it refreshing.


In 2023, when every team has developed an in-house media arm and they're all out here armed with buckets of organization-friendly propaganda, this is pretty jarring to see on the timeline after a crushing postseason loss. 

Of course, they're not wrong. After a strong performance against a weak Buccaneers team, Prescott was awful Sunday night against San Francisco. He racked up just 206 yards on 37 attempts, a paltry 5.6 yards per attempt, and threw two interceptions - a number that could've been higher.

This wasn't out of character for Prescott. He led the league with 15 interceptions while playing just 12 games during the regular season, a difficult feat. In ten of those twelve games, he threw at least one pick. In five of them he threw two. After four seasons of keeping his interception percentage below 2.0%, he threw interceptions on a mind-boggling 3.8% of his pass attempts this year.


Contrast that with Jalen Hurts, who started 15 regular season games and threw just six interceptions, had one multi-interception game, and had an interception percentage of 1.3%.

Prescott was a big reason the Cowboys weren't better, both in the regular season and the postseason. And while it's hilarious and weird, the Cowboys' Twitter account is right: he cost them once again.