Cowboys trade pass rusher 5 days before facing Eagles


A week before the NFL trade deadline and just five days before they face the Eagles on Sunday Night Football, the Cowboys have sent veteran pass rusher Everson Griffen to Detroit for a draft pick. 

The latest from NFL Network: 

According to Rapoport, the Cowboys are getting a conditional sixth-round pick in exchange for Griffen. 

This doesn’t necessarily classify the Cowboys as sellers before the Nov. 3 deadline but they did just prioritize possibly getting a sixth-round pick over keeping a player who could have theoretically helped them win the division. After all, even though the Cowboys are 2-5, they’re just a half game behind the Eagles and play them on Sunday night. 

In the grand scheme of things, it probably makes more sense for the Cowboys to trade Griffen, who is 32 and has 2 1/2 sacks this season. Griffen hasn’t been bad in 2020 but he hasn’t played at a Pro Bowl level either. On a one-year deal, he clearly didn’t figure into the Cowboys’ long-term plans. 

As a reminder, here are FiveThirtyEight’s NFC East chances: 

  • Eagles: 64%
  • Washington: 20%
  • Cowboys: 11%
  • Giants: 5%

It’ll now be interesting to see if the Cowboys will trade away more pieces for draft picks. 

In the last couple weeks, the Eagles have been characterized as “buyers” and “sellers” by different reports. The truth probably falls somewhere in between.

Sure, the Eagles would be willing to trade away expensive pieces that don’t figure into their long-term future, but most of those types of players are hurt. And just because they’d be willing to trade those types of players, it doesn’t mean they couldn’t try to add a younger piece that’s not a rental, kind of like who they added Genard Avery last season. 


The trade deadline is on Nov. 3 at 4 p.m.