Goedert tried to give game away, then helped Eagles win it


It was a terrible, awful, flukey disastrous play.

It was going to take an awful lot for Dallas Goedert to atone for it.

And 135 yards later, consider him atoned.

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It was the Eagles’ third snap Tuesday night against Washington when Goedert dropped a pass from Jalen Hurts that bounced off his right heel and plopped right into Landon Collins’ hands at the Eagles’ 26-yard-line. A few plays later, Washington was up 7-0.

“It was a great play call,” Goedert said. “I was kind of looking up the field to score. I didn’t feel it hit my foot. I was just upset that I dropped it. 

“I was ready to get to the sideline, flush it and get ready for the next series. I saw it on the Jumbotron. I put the defense in a bad position. It’s something you never want to do.”

Washington extended its lead to 10-0 before Hurts and Goedert finally got going.

“I was just happy that we were able to continue to fight throughout the whole game,” Goedert said. “None of us really cared how it started, we just just cared how it finished. Ultimately we got the win and that is all that matters.”

And along the way, Goedert recorded a career high in receiving for the second straight week.


Goedert had six catches for 105 yards and two touchdowns playing with Gardner Minshew in the win over the Jets, and he was 7-for-135 with a career-long 45-yard catch Tuesday night in the win over Washington.  

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He joins Pete Retzlaff (four times), Keith Jackson (once), Brent Celek (once) and Ertz (twice) as the fifth Eagles tight end with consecutive 100-yard games.

Since Week 7 - or since the Eagles traded Ertz - Goedert has 34 catches for 515 yards in eight games. That's 1,000-yard pace.

Overall, he’s 48-for-731 with four touchdowns and a lofty 15.2 average. He’s fifth among all tight ends in yards this year, behind only Travis Kelce, Mark Andrews, George Kittle and Kyle Pitts.

Goedert is on pace to become only the 10th NFL tight end ever with 900 yards and 15 yards per catch.

Factor in his world-class blocking, and the 26-year-old Goedert is having a breakthrough season. He’s played at a Pro Bowl level the second half of the season, and the way he’s playing it’s just a matter of time until he does become a Pro Bowler.

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The Eagles traded Ertz gambling that Goedert would blossom, and that's exactly what's happened.

“I’m just out there doing whatever the coaches call,” he said. “They’ve been calling my number, Jalen’s been finding me, I’ve been winning all my routes, and as the season goes you just get better and better, you get more of a feel for what teams are going to do, how they’re going to defend you, ways to attack them and it’s just been progressing throughout the year and hopefully it keeps trending upwards.”

Goedert and Hurts really seem to be developing some excellent chemistry, and you can see their connection growing each week. When defenses double DeVonta Smith, Goedert is going to be open, and Hurts loves throwing his way when he’s singled. 

Goedert’s 135 yards Tuesday night are the most by any receiver playing with Hurts in his 17 career starts and the 12th-most ever by any Eagles tight end.

“I think every game that he’s out there, he gets more and more comfortable,” Goedert said. “We’ve got a lot of trust in each other. He has a lot of trust in himself. Anytime he feels like he can stay in the pocket, I feel like he does. He does a great job keeping his eyes downfield and when he has to run, he is one of the most explosive quarterbacks in this league doing that.”