Daniel Jeremiah thinks Eagles’ QB decision should be easy


Doug Pederson as of Monday afternoon had not yet made a decision as to who will be his starting quarterback for Sunday’s game against the Saints

After benching Carson Wentz for Jalen Hurts in Green Bay, Pederson has to decide which guy to start for this next game. 

NFL Network analyst and former Eagles scout Daniel Jeremiah, whom the team interviewed for a head personnel job several years ago, thinks the decision is pretty easy. 

“Guys, we’ve been talking about Carson Wentz and this thing all year long,” Jeremiah said. “I feel like we can argue and debate about the past and what he’s accomplished. I tend to believe that he did a lot more than just 2017. I think he did some good things in 2018 and 19. We can argue about that. We can argue about the future and who should be the quarterback going forward, whether it’s Carson, whether it’s Hurts, whether it’s someone who’s not even on their roster. 

“What we can’t argue about is the present. This is not working. It is time to let Jalen Hurts just see what he can do. There’s no harm, no foul with Carson Wentz because what are you gonna do? It’s not like he has any confidence right now anyway. So get a chance to see Jalen Hurts, evaluate him for the remainder of the season. I think that’s the only decision there is to make at this point in time.”


During Wentz’s 12 starts this season, he’s been awful. That’s not to say he’s been the Eagles’ only problem on offense because he hasn’t been. But Wentz is supposed to be a franchise quarterback capable of covering up other deficiencies. He hasn’t been close to that player in 2020. 

Hurts wasn’t perfect on Sunday, but he did provide the spark Pederson wanted and gave the Eagles some life, which we haven’t seen in a while. 

Pederson will have to make his decision by Wednesday, when the Eagles begin preparations for the Saints. One of the most respected analyst voices in the country doesn’t think it should be all that hard to come up with the right answer.