Slay responds to former Pro Bowl corner's 'scared' comments


Darius Slay had a tough go of things against DK Metcalf on Monday Night Football, and no one will let him forget it.

Metcalf caught 10 passes for 177 yards, a career-best, while Slay was basically placed on an island against one of the best wideouts in the league. Slay admitted after the game that Metcalf got the best of him, and called it one of the worst games of his career.

But that doesn't mean he's here for former players piling on after the fact.

On Thursday's episode of NFL Total Access, former Washington and Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall had some choice words for Slay, including the one no football player ever wants to hear: 


Hall was looking at some of the matchups from MNF ahead of the Eagles' matchup with Davante Adams and the Packers, and had this to say about Slay's performance:

"Look at Darius Slay right here. You're guarding DK Metcalf. A physical beast. Instead of Darius Slay going underneath, where he should in man-to-man, he goes over the top, almost like he's scared of DK Metcalf."

Oof. That's not going to go over well with any pro football player, particularly not one as prideful - and as talented - as Slay.

It's one thing to go into detail about Slay's technique, and how he was simply outplayed by Metcalf all night. That's a fact. But calling Slay "scared" is a bold step, and I'd say it's a step too far.


It seems Slay didn't enjoy Hall's comments:

Yeah, I don't blame the Eagles CB for being unhappy with that characterization.

Slay didn't back down from the matchup at any point on Monday night. He knows this is why he was brought to Philadelphia this past offseason: to go against the opposing team's best wide receiver on any given night. And he knows he needs to be better against Adams in Green Bay on Sunday, or the Eagles don't stand a chance.

But a bad game doesn't equate to fear. It's just a bad game. Slay is still one of the best corners in the entire league over the last half-decade. 

We'll see what Slay has in store on Sunday for an answer.

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