Darius Slay fought through pain to come through in clutch for Eagles


It looked pretty scary at the time.

As Brandon Aiyuk was hurdling Marcus Epps for his first quarter touchdown on Sunday night, Darius Slay was already on the ground in pain.

And he didn’t miss a snap.

On the play, right tackle Mike McGlinchey put a block on Slay, diving to hit Slay’s right knee with his helmet. Slay hopped to the sideline and went down. He eventually needed help as he limped off the field.

“Well, buddy had … the tall dude, I don’t know his name, he’s pretty tall and big,” Slay said. “He’s like 6-8, you know, so I saw him coming at me so I was getting ready to juke him because I don’t want to just cut the big dude … I saw him diving so I tried to prevent it, tried to defeat the chop block. He got a real good hit on my knee.

“Thankfully, I kind of got my foot out the ground because it could have been real ugly. That’s what I try to do. It was painful for a minute but I had to get back to do what I had to do to help get this dub. I wanted the W so my adrenaline was rushing. I felt it on the plane though.”

For those wondering if the block from McGlinchey was dirty or illegal, former NFL OL Geoff Schwartz weighed in.

For the second straight week, Slay avoided a major injury on a play that had Eagles fans holding their breath.


Two weeks ago, it looked like Slay hyperextended his elbow but he returned from the “little boo-boo” as he called it. And against the 49ers, Slay was right. If he doesn’t get his right foot out of there, it could have been much, much worse.

Against the Niners, Slay didn’t miss a single defensive snap because of this injury. He was back out there lined up at corner for the next series. He knows how important he is to this Eagles defense.

Because in a season that has started off with a 1-2-1 record, Slay has been one of the biggest bright spots. Through four games, he’s given up just 15 catches for 153 yards and has been tasked with stopping some really good receivers.

And on Sunday night, the Eagles needed their top corner the entire game, including the final play … the Hail Mary.

There’s Slay showing off his ups to knock away the final pass of the game from C.J. Beathard. The ball bounced around some before it hit the ground, ending the game and giving the Eagles their first win of the 2020 season.

“I saw that, the fact that they set it up already before we called a timeout,” Slay said. “I said, ‘man, they’re gonna try to get (George) Kittle over here, one of the biggest guys over here and get ready to jump ball and we have to be ready for it.’ I already had in my mind, I’m going to show this 42-inch vert that I got and I was ready to jump.”