Darius Slay has ‘worst game’ of his career trying to stop DK Metcalf


The Eagles traded for Darius Slay and gave him a contract extension for these games. There are occasions where the Eagles are going to ask him to shut down their opponent’s top receiver.

Slay didn’t come close to doing that against DK Metcalf on Monday night.

At least he owned it.

“I would say this is by far the worst game I have ever played in the league,” said Slay, now in his eighth NFL season. “I truly lost every 50/50 ball. I was probably O-for. I have never been that, but I say props to him, he played his ass off today, and I have to get better.”

Metcalf ended up with 10 catches for 177 yards and most of that damage came with the Pro Bowl corner covering him.

At least Slay was accountable.

In his postgame press conference, the 29-year-old cornerback said he let the Eagles down and he even told the rest of the defense that game was on him.

Of course, the Eagles’ defense as a whole wasn’t the biggest problem in the 23-17 loss. The Eagles’ offense continues to flounder and had mustered just nine points before the final touchdown in garbage time.

The Eagles this offseason struck out in the free agent cornerback pool and then traded a third-round pick and a fifth-round pick to get Slay out of Detroit. The next day, he signed a three-year deal worth $50 million ($30 guaranteed). That contract comes out to an average of $16.7 million per season.

This offseason, the Eagles paid Slay to be a shutdown corner. Sometimes that means tough duty of trying to stop physical freaks like Metcalf.


“I thought overall, [Slay] did some good things,” Doug Pederson said. “Played tough. That's a tough receiver to defend, and I thought D-Slay did some good things.”

When asked after the game if there were any conversations about getting him some more help to guard Metcalf, Slay seemed offended.

“Nah, hell no,” he said. “Next question.”

Well, the next question is this: Is Slay a really good cornerback or is he a shutdown corner?

Because on Monday night, really good wasn’t good enough.

“I put that game on me because I was supposed to do my job and shut him down,” Slay said. “Like I said, he was making every catch possible, every 50/50 one. That is why he had no yards after catch because I am right there. He just made more plays than I did.

“And I take real big ownership because I feel like I am one of the best in the game and I will continue to take my ownership. He got the best of me today, but I am looking forward to going to work next week, this week, and getting better for the team. They deserve it, I deserve it, and this organization does."

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