Slay responds to disrespect from former NFC East RB


When the Eagles face the Seahawks on Monday night, stopping Seattle's dynamic passing game will be the Birds' tallest task. How do you stop Russell Wilson, D.K. Metcalf, and Tyler Lockett with a spotty secondary? Eagles cornerback Darius Slay can't cover everyone.

A couple former NFC East players think Metcalf - who is likely to be shadowed by Slay all game - is in line for a huge night, and a possible shot was thrown Slay's way.

Former Giants offensive lineman Geoff Scwhartz and former Washington running back Clinton Portis were asked on Sunday whether they believe Metcalf will score a touchdown against the Eagles on Monday night. 

Metcalf already has nine touchdowns and has at least one in seven games this year, so it's not exactly a stretch.

But one of the answers definitely raised eyebrows: 

"SCHWARTZ: Yeah, of course. Why not? I would bet him every weekend to score a touchdown. He's obviously a huge part of that offense, and [Philadelphia's] secondary is not that good, so I would bet on D.K. to score here. They really like to feature him in their offense, especially those splash and shot plays. Russell Wilson throws the most beautiful deep ball in all of the NFL. I would go with yes, he'll score a touchdown.


"PORTIS: I'm like Geoff - every week I bet on D.K. Metcalf. When he got shut down against the Rams, it was Jalen Ramsey. Is he getting shut down against the Eagles with a cornerback we can't name? A guy that we don't talk about? Darby is gone, Darby is with Washington, so he definitely scores a touchdown."


Um... did Portis forget that Slay, one of the best cornerbacks of the last decade, is playing for the Eagles this season? Or is he throwing some shade at Slay's performance through 10 games?

Slay, an active social media user, noticed the clip:

Sounds like the veteran would like a little more respect.

I have a feeling Portis is still adjusting to Slay's new team, but the fact that neither Schwartz nor Portis remembered to mention the Eagles' top corner is a little disrespectful. Is he playing at his former Pro Bowl level this year? Not quite. But Slay is also the only worthwhile cornerback in the Eagles' secondary.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Metcalf get the better of Slay on Monday night; in fact, I expect it. But I also wouldn't be shocked if Slay keeps the second-year wideout in check. 

And now Slay has a little extra added motivation.

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