Slay's daughter officially sings most adorable rendition of Eagles fight song


Since the Eagles traded for Darius Slay, his whole family has been such a wonderful addition to Philadelphia. 

(Seriously, if you don't follow them on social media, you're missing out.)

Slay's wife, Jennifer, continues to be a positive light. She's embraced Philadelphia with open arms and continues to find ways to brighten the days of Eagles fans. Just one of those ways has been to hold weekly giveaways that involve signed jerseys of Slay. 

Most recently, she posted a video of their daughter singing the iconic Eagles fight song and it's the greatest thing you're going to see all day. 

Personally, I think we should all start singing it this way. 

Maybe she can join forces with Brandon Graham's daughter, who also melted the hearts of Eagles fans with her singing:

Together, they would have the power to render the best, most adorable version of the fight song in history.