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A deep dive into the Eagles' pass-run ratio

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We all thought Andy Reid’s run-pass ratio was crazy.

Ha. We didn't know crazy.

Turns out his former offensive coordinator is worse. Way worse.

During Big Red’s 14 years here, the Eagles had a 58-42 percent pass-run ratio.  

During Doug Pederson’s five years, that figure has gone up to 60-40.

And this year? Would you believe 65-35?

Even though they’re one of the best running teams in football and one of the worst throwing teams, the Eagles have the second-most lopsided pass-run ratio in the NFL this year, with called pass plays 65 percent of the time. Only the Bears — at 67-33 — have a wider pass-run disparity. 

Not surprisingly, Bears coach Matt Nagy and Pederson coached together under Reid with both the Eagles and Chiefs.

But even Reid — Pat Mahomes at QB — is only at 62-38 this year.

So the Eagles, with a historically inept passing game, are actually throwing the football more often than the Super Bowl champs with an MVP candidate at quarterback.

How out-of-whack has the Eagles’ pass-run ratio been this year?

Let’s take a look!

• The Eagles are on pace to become the first team in 47 years and only the third in NFL history to average above 5.0 yards per running play and below 5.0 yards per pass play. The only other teams to do that since 1950 are the 1972 Steelers and 1973 Bills.

• The Eagles are last in the NFL in yards per pass attempt (4.8) but fifth in called pass plays (attempts plus sacks). Conversely, they’re tied for first in yards per rush (5.0) but 29th in rushing attempts.


• They’re also on pace to become the fourth team since 1950 to average 5.0 yards per carry but run the ball less than 24 times per game.  

• They're also on pace to become the fourth team in NFL history to throw the ball at least 600 times but average below 5.0 yards per pass attempt.  

• The Eagles are also on pace to become the second NFL team ever to throw 600 times in a season with a passer rating under 75. The first was the 2005 Eagles with Mike McMahon starting the last seven games for injured Donovan McNabb.

• The average NFL team this year is throwing the ball 37.3 times per game and running it 27.0 times. The Eagles are throwing 42.8 times per game and running it 23.2 times. So they’re throwing 13 percent more than average and running it 14 percent less than average. 

• The Eagles are on pace to become the first team to throw the ball at least 65 percent of the time while averaging less than 5.0 yards per pass attempt since the 2014 Raiders.

• Although the Eagles are a little more reasonable at 63-37 in the first half, they’re 67-33 after halftime, even though they've been in most games. That means throwing more than twice as much as they're running after halftime.

• What’s so bizarre about all this is that in Pederson’s first four years, the Eagles weren’t even in the top half of the NFL in terms of passing percentage. From 2016 through 2019, they threw 59 percent of the time and ran 41 percent, which ranked them 18th in the league in percentage of plays that were called passes. In 2017, when the Eagles won the Super Bowl, they were 24th in pass percentage at 56 percent. As recently as last year they were 20th at 59-41.

• Because Pederson runs the ball so rarely, Miles Sanders is 16th in the NFL in rushing yards but 28th in rushing attempts. His 5.6 rushing average is third highest in the league (behind Nick Chubb and Lamar Jackson). Sanders is averaging 13.5 carries per game and is on pace to become the fourth running back since 1980 to average 75 yards per game on fewer than 14 carries per game.

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