Despite position switch, Eagles plan to manage Jason Peters in camp

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In recent years, the Eagles’ goal with Jason Peters was to just get him to the start of the season.

The Birds realized that even though he was aging, if they could just get Peters to the start of the season, he would be able to play left tackle, his position for over a decade, at a high level. So in training camp, out of every 10 first-team reps, Peters would take 6 or 7. 

Things have to change this year, though, right? 

Because this year, even though he’s 38 now, Peters is attempting a pretty big switch from left tackle to right guard. And he should need more practice time. 

But the Eagles still plan to manage his reps. 

“Well, again, Jason being where he is in his career and obviously the age thing, we're still going to manage him,” head coach Doug Pederson said. “We're still going to take care of these guys. Listen, we can't just give our starters a hundred percent of the reps. It's unfathomable to do that. 

“So we have a plan now for these guys. Jason is a part of that plan and we are going to make sure that he is ready to go obviously in a couple of weeks, but at the same time he understands, too, from us, that he has to get the reps necessary to be comfortable going into Washington.”

Adding another twist to this whole thing is that Peters is already hurt. 


Peters was watching practice on Monday as the pads went on, out with what is being termed as a “lower body injury.” He’s day to day. In his place at right guard on Monday was Matt Pryor, who was the frontrunner to replace the injured Brandon Brooks before the Eagles brought Peters back. (And he better be ready if Peters gets hurt in 2020.) 

So now, Peters has already missed one of about eight or nine padded practices that will happen over these two weeks as we gear up for the beginning of the regular season, which starts on Sept. 13. 

The Eagles seem confident that Peters will be able to make this switch, but he’ll need some practice time too. How much will he get? We’ll find out soon.