Despite raising bar in 2017, Philadelphia won't host 2018 NFL draft

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Despite raising bar in 2017, Philadelphia won't host 2018 NFL draft

The City of Philadelphia did an incredible job hosting the 2017 draft.

And it still wasn't enough to keep the event. 

The NFL announced the 2018 draft will be held in the Dallas Cowboys' home, AT&T Stadium. Dallas — or technically Arlington, Texas — will be the third city to host the draft in three years, following Chicago and Philly. 

It has been rumored for months that Jerry Jones had his city as the favorite to host the next draft. Turns out those rumors were right. 

Good luck topping what Philly did in 2017 though. 

“Philadelphia raised the bar by taking the Draft to another level, and this new opportunity in Dallas will enable us to continue the event’s evolution and grow it even further,” commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement. “We are grateful to the Dallas Cowboys, the cities of Arlington, Dallas, and Frisco, and the Dallas Sports Commission for their leadership in turning this vision into reality.” 

The 2018 draft will begin on April 26. The NFL's release said the draft site will include the field, stands and outdoor plazas. 

According to the NFL, at the 2017 draft, a record 250,000 fans attended the three-day event along the Ben Franklin Parkway. The estimated economic impact for the city was $94.9 million. 

“The Draft was a family-friendly event for Philadelphians and visitors across the country,” Mayor Jim Kenney said. “I thank all of our public and private partners, especially the City employees and first responders, who made this event a success and allowed Philly to shine in the national spotlight once again.”

Aside from the numbers, the draft in Philly was aesthetically pleasing. The television shots from the Parkway were gorgeous and the vibe around the entire event was special. 

Things went so well, NFL senior vice president of events Peter O'Reilly said the draft in Philly was a "resounding success." 

It won't be coming back in 2018, but the next time it does, the city will be ready. 

What to expect from Carson Wentz today in his return from torn ACL, LCL

What to expect from Carson Wentz today in his return from torn ACL, LCL

Carson Wentz will take the field today for the first time since Dec. 10, 2017, which means 288 days between starts.

It’s fair to wonder how good he will be against the Colts. After all, he was playing at an MVP level last season, but he hasn’t played in a long while and will be without some offensive weapons.

We’ll find out today, but Reuben Frank and Dave Zangaro give their expectations for Wentz's 2018 debut: 


Two years ago, after sitting out a month of the preseason with a broken rib, Carson Wentz got a promotion from third string to starter eight days before the season began and went out with a bunch of receivers he barely practiced with and began his career with a 278-yard, two-touchdown, zero-interception masterpiece against the Browns. If Wentz can play like that as a rookie without a training camp, there is no reason to think he can’t go right out there today and light it up against the Colts as a third-year pro who had a training camp.

It’s not like Wentz has been hurt. He’s been rehabbing, but he didn’t miss a practice all summer. He just didn’t play. And I just don’t think an MVP type of guy like Wentz is going to be affected by not playing in a few preseason games. Conventional wisdom says this will take a while, but I’m not buying it.

I expect him to be comfortable, productive, explosive. The same Wentz we’re used to. Throwing the ball up and down the field, extending plays with his legs, making the guys around him better. I expect one thing from Wentz today. I expect he’ll be Wentz.


I expect Carson will be Carson too. It’s just that I think it’s going to take some time. Sure, Wentz has been practicing all summer, but he hasn’t played a football game since December. There’s going to be some rust. I think that’s just unavoidable. And the fact that both the receiver and running back positions are depleted won’t help.

I also don’t expect Wentz to be running around like a madman like he did at times during the 2017 season. I think he’ll be able to use his legs enough in the pocket, but I expect him to stay in the pocket more than he did at times in 2017. That can actually be a good thing. It’ll keep him healthy and keep his focus on getting the ball downfield.

The one aspect of Wentz’s maturation and rehab that I don’t think has been talked about enough is how much time he spent watching film over the last nine months. The time watching film and getting a new perspective is only going to help Wentz. Think about how much better me might be at the line of scrimmage; and he was already really good in that area. Obviously, no one wanted to see him get hurt, but I think he’ll come back an even better player. It might take a little bit of time to see it today, but I think by the end, everyone’s confidence in the MVP quarterback will be back.

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Carson Wentz has an incredible pair of custom cleats for his return

@cj_wentz on Twitter

Carson Wentz has an incredible pair of custom cleats for his return

Look good, feel good, play well, right?

That’s at least maybe how Carson Wentz is feeling right now. He’s set to make his return to the field tomorrow against the Colts and he’s got a sick pair of custom designed-shoes for pregame.

The shoes feature his foundation, AO1 and food truck charity, Thy Kingdom Crumb, Wentz’s classic No. 11 and several mantras Wentz lives by.

Check out the video Wentz shared on his social media today below.

The kicks look good and we can’t wait to see how good Wentz looks playing in the Linc Sunday. 

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