WATCH: DeVonta Smith looks sharp in Eagles practice debut


The Eagles adding DeVonta Smith in last month's NFL Draft was a huge win for fans in dire need of elite wide receiver play in Philadelphia.

Now we're stuck waiting for Smith's regular season debut, which will come Sept. 12 in Atlanta. It's going to be electric.

But in the meantime, we'll get snippets of Smith from Eagles practices as the summer goes along, and on Friday afternoon we got our very first look at Smith in an Eagles practice uniform.

The early returns are overwhelmingly positive.

Here's a clip of Smith with a little sideline toe-tap coming out of a break:

Smith is known for his crisp route-running, and that's exactly what we see in that clip. He's going to be so fun to watch this year.

Here's Smith with a couple of catches in a strange little drill that has him turning on a dime and spinning around:

He catches both passes, which is all you can ask for!

And here's a little stutter-step off the line of scrimmage, around a tackling dummy, into a back-shoulder catch:

That's good stuff right there.

The Eagles as a whole might not be the most watchable team in 2021, but Smith's rookie year under a head coach who loves developing wide receivers is going to be awesome.

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