Metcalf explains his extra motivation to make Eagles 'pay'


By now, the fact that the Eagles passed on DK Metcalf in the 2019 NFL Draft feels like a tale as old as time. We should all accept the fact that Metcalf is a Seahawk and move on.

Except, apparently Metcalf himself hasn't moved on from the Eagles' decision.

The second-year wideout exploded for a mind-boggling 10 catches for 177 yards on Monday Night Football in the Seahawks' Week 12 win over the Birds. It marked the second time in three career games against the Eagles that Metcalf has surpassed 150 receiving yards in a game.

Afterwards, Metcalf told reporters that he wanted to make a point with his performance on Monday night, to remind the Eagles of what they're missing:

Great. Now one of the best wide receivers in the NFL has a personal vendetta against the Eagles, and is actively trying to crush them when they match up. Awesome.

And if that isn't enough, Metcalf said he and Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz were chatting before the game started on Monday night. That's when Schwartz offered up a little last-second bulletin board material:

Here's Metcalf himself talking about the interaction:

Jim, no! Metcalf is already a headache when he isn't making things personal. Giving a guy like that extra motivation is just asking to get torched.

For his part, Schwartz contends he meant to compliment Metcalf:

Still, just wait until after the game.

I have a bad feeling that Eagles fans are going to hate playing Metcalf for the next decade. And he's going to keep rubbing that miserable draft night whiff in our faces.


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