Does Press Taylor coach Carson Wentz hard enough?


As we’ve spent most of the 2020 season trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with Carson Wentz, one possible reason to explore is Press Taylor.

There’s a perception that Taylor, the quarterbacks coach, and Wentz have a relationship that’s almost too close, that they’re too buddy-buddy and Taylor isn’t hard enough on Wentz.

It has been theorized that former quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo, who held the position from 2016-17, was harder on Wentz and that’s what allowed him to get the most out of Wentz during his magical near-MVP season in 2017.

So on Friday, I had the chance to ask Taylor this question: Is he coaching Wentz hard enough?

“I feel like Carson and I have a great working relationship,” Taylor said. “I feel like knowing each other as well as we do, having been here every day that Carson has been a part of this organization, I feel like I know his game very well. I know his personality very well. And I think a lot of that helps. I think you can really push somebody when you have that trust level with somebody.

“I think there's going to be tough conversations that you can have because you have a close relationship. I think that can really draw a lot out of the same people. To continue with that, we've been around each other since the beginning. I've seen the way he was coached by other coaches, I was in the meeting room the whole time that's gone on, the guys that I felt like he really gleaned a lot from. I feel like I kind of know the way they approached that, and what really pushed him and drove him and helped him. And that's always been the goal. And that's something I'll continue to look at myself.


“But I think when I leave here every single day at the end of the day, I feel good about the work I put into my job and my craft and doing everything I can, like I mentioned earlier, to help the Eagles win every Sunday.”

Taylor, 32, has been with the Eagles since 2013, when he was hired by Chip Kelly as a quality control coach. He has since climbed the ladder quickly, becoming the assistant QBs coach in 2016, the QBs coach in 2018 and was just promoted this past offseason to passing game coordinator.

With the offense and quarterback this out of whack, it’s fair to question the job Taylor has done this season. And with seemingly every coach on the hot seat, Taylor’s future looks very much up in the air, at least in Philly, too.

Some of the perception about the dynamic between Wentz and Taylor — and even Wentz and Pederson — dates back to that PhillyVoice story from 2018, in which it was said that Frank Reich and DeFilippo were the coaches to “rein Wentz in.”

“Obviously, my voice sounds different than, say, Frank (Reich) or coach (John) DeFillippo,” Taylor said on Friday. “But I don’t think in terms of the approach, the attention to detail, the way we coach certain things, demand certain things of our quarterback, having been in the meeting room and there’s not a lot of us that have been in the meeting room all the time and truly see how you coach somebody other than really kind of myself, coach Pederson and probably Nate (Sudfeld). The four of us with Carson have been in there the most times together and truly see how we coach, the standard we try to hold as a unit, and anything outside of that I don’t really concern myself with too much.”

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