McNabb praises Hurts, says Chiefs game 'shows his character'


Since his retirement, Donovan McNabb has been stingy with positive comments about Eagles quarterbacks. Today Number 5 threw us all a curve.

In an appearance on 94 WIP this morning, McNabb showed Jalen Hurts some love on the heels of Hurts’ solid performance against the Chiefs, making note of the hiccups he had in the two prior games against Dallas and San Francisco:

"It shows his character. And I think one thing people have to understand is, he's still a rookie, and he's learning, and he's understanding how to have short term memory. Jalen is very hard on himself, just as some of the fans try to be hard on players. So what he did is he went back into the lab this past week and he got things corrected. You started to see him get a little bit more comfortable in the pocket, get out of the pocket and still create some plays down field.”

This is a real departure for the Eagles Hall of Fame quarterback. Over the years, it’s been more difficult to get McNabb to compliment an Eagles QB than it’s been to get Ben Simmons to snap off a jumper.

It’s good to see, and maybe he can offer Hurts some advice on turning an offense around.

Hurts completed 32-of-48 passes for 387 yards and two TDs, and also ran the ball for 47 more yards. He’s the second QB in Eagles history to throw for 385 yards and run for 45 in a game. Michael Vick did so against the 49ers in 2011.


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