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Pederson hasn't told Brett Favre to shut up yet

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Doug Pederson and Brett Favre were teammates for seven years, hunting buddies for more than two decades, friends since the mid-1990s.

So when Favre makes a comment like he did Sunday - that the Eagles should have kept Nick Foles after the 2018 season instead of Carson Wentz - it puts Pederson in a tricky position.

And Pederson put himself in a trickier position Wednesday morning when he declined to shoot down Favre's take.

First, Pederson was asked for his reaction to Favre’s comments, and he said: “I respect Brett’s opinion. We are friends, but I haven’t talked to him and he’s entitled to that and that’s about it.”

Because Pederson said he respects Favre's opinion and never actually said he disagrees, a follow-up question was asked. 

He does disagree, right?

“I respect Brett’s opinion,” Pederson said. “He’s entitled to his opinion, and that’s fine and I’ll leave it at that.”

Now Pederson was in deep.

The last thing Pederson needs is headlines saying he declined to confirm that he supported the franchise’s decision to turn to Wentz as the long-term quarterback a year after Foles was Super Bowl MVP.

Because you know how fast that would become a thing.

Pederson was then asked a third time to clarify that he was always behind the decision to stick with Wentz, the No. 2 pick in the 2016 draft.

Here’s how he answered:


“Carson’s our guy. Carson was our draft pick. Carson’s the guy that is going to carry us and lead this football team. And, listen, everybody’s entitled to their own opinion. Those aren’t my words, those aren’t Howie’s words, Jeffrey’s words. Those are his words. I respect that opinion. Whatever he wants to say, that’s fine, and we’re going to remain friends. It doesn’t bother me one way or the other. All I know is that Carson is our guy, and it’s my job to get Carson Wentz to play better, to do better, to help this football team win as it is to get everybody else to play better. Again, I respect his opinion and his words. Those aren’t mine. Please don’t put words in my mouth or we’re going to have a problem. Carson’s our guy. Bottom line. End of story.”

That's better, but he still never said he disagreed. Of course, he really doesn't have to. But it wouldn't have hurt.

Since the Super Bowl, Foles is 7-10 in 17 starts with the Eagles, Jaguars and Bears with an 86.1 passer rating, and Wentz is 17-18 with a 91.0 passer rating.

Foles and Wentz rank 27th and 33rd in passer rating this year among 34 quarterbacks who’ve thrown at least 100 passes this year.

The reality is that neither Foles or Wentz has been the same since 2017. Neither one of them is going to win a Super Bowl the way they've been playing lately.

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