Pederson hasn’t made decision on starting QB, but will make it alone


Doug Pederson at his Monday afternoon press conference still didn’t have an answer for the biggest question in Philadelphia right now.

Who will start on Sunday afternoon against the Saints: Carson Wentz or Jalen Hurts?

“I’m still processing a lot of things and going through a lot of things before I make that decision,” Pederson said. “When I know, you’ll know.”

So now we wait.

But the fact that it’s taking this long to name a starting quarterback seems to indicate that there’s a real possibility of a change here. Otherwise, wouldn’t Pederson just continue to say Wentz is their starter?

Pederson on Monday neglected to even name the determining factors that will go into his decision but did make it a point to let it be known that it will be his decision and his decision alone. Pederson said he won’t huddle with players or coaches before naming a starter.

“No, this will be my decision,” Pederson said. “I don’t feel like I need to communicate with anybody, players, other coaches. I think it’s just, again, my decision. The opportunity that I have moving forward. It will solely be up to me.”

Pederson said he won’t even confer with quarterbacks coach Press Taylor, though he might rely on previous conversations the two have had.

“I don’t need a whole lot of outside influence to make a decision one way or the other,” he said.

Pederson said he doesn’t want to be swayed by anyone one way or the other. He wants to go with his gut.


Against the Packers, Wentz played the first five offensive series of the game before he was benched in favor of the second-round rookie. Hurts got the final four offensive series of the game. Wentz played 36 snaps and the offense averaged just 3.5 yards per play. Meanwhile, Hurts played 26 snaps (two penalties) and the offense averaged 6.3 yards per play. The offense was undoubtedly better with Hurts in there, but that doesn’t mean it was all Hurts either.

After the game, Pederson said he made the switch to provide his team with a spark. On Monday, Pederson said Hurts played “OK” but said there are things he needs to work on.

“I thought it was the spark that got us back in the football game,” Pederson said.

The relationship between Pederson and Wentz has often been described as a marriage. The success of each of them relies so heavily on the other.

Might that play a role in this decision?

“My job is to help him and to help [Wentz] improve and get better and to help this football team win,” Pederson said. “My job is also to take and look at the big picture too and look at the entire football team.”

Ultimately, this decision will need to be made by Wednesday, when the Eagles begin to practice for the upcoming game against the Saints. The starting quarterback — whoever it is — needs to get those first-team reps.

Pederson made it seem like he’d prefer to keep the starter news a secret for competitive advantage but also seemed resigned to the fact that it wouldn’t happen. He said he’ll most likely let the public know when he’s reached a decision.

“As soon as I make a decision,” Pederson said. “I’ll probably let you know sooner than later.”

So now we wait.

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