Pederson getting real snarky with reporters after two losses


Everyone in Philadelphia is taking the Eagles' embarrassing 0-2 start to the season hard. I know my coffee doesn't taste as good in the morning.

And it seems like the unexpected struggles are getting to head coach Doug Pederson, too. Because he's had a little extra attitude - snark, you might say - after both losses.

On the Friday after the Eagles' Week 1 loss to Washington, Pederson fired back The Athletic's Bo Wulf, who insinuated that the team's OL was to blame for Carson Wentz being sacked eight times:

Definitely a little bit hostile in the answer, considering a pretty fair question. The Eagles' offensive line had Nate Herbig at right guard and Jack Driscoll at right tackle in Week 1. That wasn't the plan. Frankly, Pederson should've admitted the question was true and moved on.

And then came Wednesday, three days after the Eagles' loss to the Rams, with another spicy exchange between Pederson and a reporter.

Pederson was asked about Carson Wentz's struggles with easy passes. He didn't like the question.

You can watch the exchange at the 9:27 mark in the below video, with PhillyVoice reporter Jimmy Kempski, from Pederson's Wednesday press conference:

And here's the transcript:

"KEMPSKI: Hey, Doug. Carson had great protection all day, he wasn't sacked, I think he only got knocked down once. I know you were asked Monday why he's missing throws, and it's an assortment of reasons. But some of the throws he's missing are sort of like lay-ups. What could be the reason for some of those easier misses that he's missing?


"PEDERSON: Have you played quarterback in the National Football League?

"KEMPSKI: I have not, Doug.

"PEDERSON: Okay. They're not lay-ups. There ain't a throw out here that's a lay-up. And so some of it is just timing with young guys. Some of it is just Carson being not accurate at that particular time. It could be that there's a defensive guy that flashed a hand, and he's got to change his arm angle in a split second. There's all kinds of reasons for accuracy, and these are things we continue to work on, and will continue to work on for the entire season."

Ah, yes. The old "if you haven't done it, you can't evaluate it" line of reasoning. It doesn't exactly check out, but that isn't stopping Pederson here.

Some of the throws Wentz missed on Sunday weren't clear-cut lay-ups, technically, but they're throws you absolutely need to make when you're a fifth-year quarterback with franchise starter money.

Here, though the game is largely out of hand, this throw needs to be a completion:

And Pederson knows that Wentz needs to be way better on easy plays, but he also can't throw his franchise quarterback under the bus after two weeks.

So he's on the defensive, and the stress of the 0-2 start is beginning to show.