The Eagles have already lost as many games as last year, if we’re not counting the meaningless year-end game against the Cowboys, and it’s easy to lose perspective right about now.

The reality is that nobody in the NFC East has more wins than the Eagles, they’ve lost one game against an NFC opponent, they haven’t even started on division play yet, and as we wrote earlier this week, the last time they were 2-2 and didn’t reach the playoffs was 1983, and their next two opponents have a combined two wins.

Doug Pederson emphasized it to his team in the wake of Sunday’s overtime loss to the Titans, and he repeated it Wednesday when asked if he plans any lineup or roster changes this week:

When you sit back and you look and you get time these last couple days to evaluate kind of where we are, the sky is not falling. The sun came up today. We're 2-2. We're still in good position, control our own destiny. A lot of football ahead of us and there is no panic.

As coaches we prepare our players and we prepare them extremely well. We have confidence in all our guys moving forward, and so with that, we just continue to coach and get our guys ready for Sunday.

The Eagles are ranked 20th in the NFL in offense and 10th in defense, down from seventh and fourth last year.


Their losses have come against a Tampa team that has the second-worst defense in the league and a Titans team that has the fifth-worst offense in the league.

Their wins are over two 1-3 teams.

Pederson said a point of emphasis this week has been situation football.

The Eagles have dropped from eighth last year on third down to 18th and first in the red zone to 16th.

“You're two plays away from maybe being 0-4 and two plays away from being 4-0,” Pederson said.

“That's how tight this thing really is. Therefore, with that being said, as coaches, we’ve got to make sure we're doing our part to prepare our players and get them ready for those situations.”

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