Pederson has odd explanation for why Peters didn't finish game


Jason Peters demanded more money to play left tackle and then couldn’t even finish a game because of fatigue.

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said Peters missed the two final snaps of the pivotal drive against the Bengals Sunday because he was “fatigued.”

With the game tied at 23 and 1:26 left in overtime, the Eagles had a 1st-and-10 on the Bengals’ 44-yard-line, which put them within five yards of a 54-yard Jake Elliott game-winner. Elliott had already made a 54-yarder earlier in the game.

On first down Miles Sanders ran for one yard and when the play ended and the pile dispersed, Peters remained on the ground.

He was tended to by trainers and appeared to limp off the field.

Jordan Mailata - who had never played left tackle in an NFL game and had played just 18 career snaps anywhere - was forced to replace Peters.

On the two plays Mailata was on the field, Carson Wentz scrambled for two yards and then threw incomplete over the middle to Greg Ward.

Peters didn’t return to the game, and it appeared he had suffered some sort of knee injury.

But Pederson said that was not the case.

“Jason Peters will be OK,” he said Monday, a day after the Eagles remained winless with a 23-23 tie. “When you’re playing 90 snaps and as humid as it was, it was just some fatigue that set in late in the game. But he’s going to be fine.”  

The 38-year-old Peters played 89 of the Eagles’ 91 snaps. It was the most snaps he’s played since he played all 92 snaps in the Eagles’ 24-20 loss to the Cards in Glendale in 2014.


It was a humid day and that is a lot of snaps, but it’s rare to see a player of Peters’ stature - a nine-time Pro Bowler and Hall of Fame hopeful - too tired to continue at a crucial point in a game.

Peters, who originally signed a one-year, $3 million deal to play guard when Brandon Brooks got hurt, got his contract bumped up to $4 million with a $2 million bonus and incentives that could increase the total value to $8 million when the Eagles asked him to play left tackle after Andre Dillard got hurt.

Peters’ play has been disappointing. 

Nobody expected him to be vintage J.P. at this point in his career - his last Pro Bowl was in 2016 - but he has struggled.

On Sunday, he gave up two sacks to Carl Lawson, a former 4th-round pick with 17 1/2 career sacks in parts of four seasons. Lawson also had two quarterback hits, two hurries and a forced fumble on one of the sacks.

Pederson, asked about J.P.’s performance before he left the game, said this: 

“Jason was doing some nice things,” he said. “There were a couple times he got edged a little bit. I thought overall he played pretty well and even in the run game he still plays at a high level and (I) felt good about his performance. It wasn’t perfect, but, you know, he definitely was in the right spots and doing the right things for us.”

Oh, OK. As long as he was in the right spots.