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Pederson's plan to fix Wentz

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Carson Wentz has been the worst quarterback in the NFL through three weeks, and Doug Pederson has a plan to get him turned around.

It involves less thinking. 

“There are a couple of things (I can do),” Pederson said Monday. “I think one of the ways that we do that, and then really to kind of maybe unclutter his mind some, is to play fast, play up-tempo, where players don't have to think. They just react. And that has been a recipe for us over the years, and it's something that we may have to lean on a little bit more. We'll take a look at the game plans and make sure there's not a lot of maybe moving parts or things that from a quarterback's perspective that he has to get us in and out of. 

“Just do more of the run it play variety where you don't have to think about a lot of things and just somehow help him to free up his mind and let him play and make the plays that we know he's capable of making and keep coaching him and keep coaching all the guys and put together a game plan this week to go play San Francisco.”

Wentz has thrown three touchdowns - two in the first half of the opener in Washington - and an NFL-high six interceptions as the Eagles have opened the season winless in their first three games.

He’s the first Eagles quarterback in 58 years to throw multiple interceptions in each of the first three games of a season.


Wentz’s regression has been shocking, and Pederson seemed at a loss to explain it when he met with the media on Monday. 

Asked to explain Wentz’s poor decision making, lack of pocket presence, turnovers and inaccuracy, he said:

“I think you're always learning,” he said. “I think you're always growing. I don't think anybody gets to the point where they've got things completely mastered, so to speak. Even some of the top quarterbacks would say that, and they're constantly, I think, getting better. And if you're not striving to get better, I think you're going the other way. And we have to make sure that we're going in the right direction.”

Guess what, Doug. He is going the other way. Rapidly. Maybe simplifying things will help. Maybe giving Carson less to think about will help.

Because it can’t get any worse. 

It really can't.