Eagle Eye podcast: So ... did the Jets win mean anything?

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Eagle Eye podcast: So ... did the Jets win mean anything?

On the latest Eagle Eye podcast, Reuben Frank and Dave Zangaro are joined by Ray Didinger to weigh in on if the win over the Jets really meant anything. 

They’ll look at the Vikings’ run game, the Eagles’ lack of downfield passing attack and Jordan Howard as the Eagles’ new lead back. 

Plus, all three guys talk about their best celebrity encounters. 

• What to take from the Jets game? 
• The Vikings love to run the ball 
• Missing DeSean Jackson 
• Howard is the lead back 
• Some crazy stats from Roob 
• Derek Barnett’s penalties have to stop 
• A look ahead to Minnesota 
• Biggest celebrities we’ve ever met 

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Sports Uncovered Podcast: How to listen to episode on Barret Robbins' Super Bowl disappearance

Had the Eagles won the 2002 NFC Championship Game, they would've faced the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XXXVII, and possibly rewritten franchise history.

It also may have changed the life of former Oakland Raiders center Barret Robbins, the Pro Bowl center who spent the day before the Super Bowl bar-hopping and drinking before ultimately missing the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It stands as one of the strangest Super Bowl stories of all-time.

In the fifth episode of NBC Sports' "Sports Uncovered" podcast series, "The Mysterious Disappearance that Changed a Super Bowl", NBC Sports Bay Area takes a deep dive into Robbins' story, from his early diagnosis with depression in college to the self-destructive day of drinking that took him all the way into Mexico.

The episode features interviews with Robbins' former teammates like Barry Sims, former Raiders executives like Bruce Allen, and more.

The episode releases Thursday, July 9. You can listen to this episode and the entire "Sports Uncovered" series by subscribing for free wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Julian Edelman extends DeSean Jackson invite to Holocaust Museum for 'uncomfortable conversations'

Julian Edelman extends DeSean Jackson invite to Holocaust Museum for 'uncomfortable conversations'

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman shared a video to his social media reacting to the “ugly things” DeSean Jackson shared to his Instagram earlier in the week.

Edelman is in a unique position to respond to Jackson because he is of Jewish faith. He is pushing for hard conversations over cancel culture.

“I’ve got nothing but respect for [DeSean’s] game,” Edelman begins. “I know he said some ugly things, but I do see an opportunity to have a conversation. I’m proud of my Jewish heritage and for me it’s not just about religion. It’s about community and culture as well.”

Edelman points out he identified as Jewish later in life and was often the target of anti-Semitic hate on the football field.

“Anti-Semitism is one of the oldest forms of racism. It’s rooted in ignorance and fear. There’s no room for anti-Semitism in this world. Even though we’re talking about anti-Semitism, I don’t want to distract from how important the Black Lives Matter movement is and how we need to stay behind it. I think the Black and Jewish communities have a lot of similarities. One unfortunate similarity is that they’re both attacked by the ignorant and the hateful.”

“What we need to do is, we need to listen, we need to learn, and we need to act. We need to have those uncomfortable conversations if we’re going to have real change. So to that end, let’s do a deal: how about we go to D.C. and I take you to the Holocaust Museum and then you take me to the Museum of African American History and Culture. Afterwards, we grab some burgers and we have those uncomfortable conversations."

You can watch Edelman's full comments here.

Others connected to the Eagles organization also responded. Emmanuel Acho and Joe Banner added to the conversation.

Acho, who has been a standout media member speaking out for Black Lives Matter, said that "ignorance is no longer an excuse. It may be an explanation but it is no longer an excuse."

"I don't think DeSean Jackson meant  to offend anybody," Acho said. "I don't think he was knowledgeable about exactly what he was doing, but the problem is, he still did it and that is unacceptable."

Acho also pointed to being tired of the cancel culture in our country.

You can see Banner's comments from Thursday morning below.