Brown explains why his tackling effort looked so weak


It certainly wasn't A.J. Brown's fault when Jalen Hurts made a bad decision and tried to squeeze a late pass into a non-existent window, resulting in a first-quarter interception by the Jaguars.

But it might've been Brown's fault that the interception wound up in the end zone.

Andre Cisco returned the interception 59 yards to put the Jags up 7-0 early in Sunday's game, but upon further review it seems Brown had quite an opportunity to prevent the score during the INT return.

Watch the replay below and decide for yourself:

It sure seems like Brown had a pretty good chance to tackle Cisco, or at least try to tackle Cisco, at the 45-yard line and just... didn't?

Eagles fans were none too pleased with the effort:

Maybe there's something we're all missing here, but it sure seems like Brown is gonna have to explain that one. 

UPDATE: He explained it!

Brown took to Twitter after Sunday's win and offered up an explanation, and a mea culpa, about the play:

Got it. I like the thought process - getting the ball back would've indeed been clutch right there - but sometimes you just have to make the smart play, get the guy down, and move on to the next one.

Respect to A.J. for owning what he admitted was a "bad decision" and also for asking for forgiveness from the fans. The guy seems to get it.

Also, as long as he's putting up stat lines like he did on Sunday and continues to ball out, fans are going to be very willing to forgive just about any mild transgression. Brown has 25 catches for 404 yards and a TD through four games and has looked like one of the most dominant wideouts in the NFL.


Case closed.