Eagles are — unsurprisingly — favorites to win NFC East

Eagles are — unsurprisingly — favorites to win NFC East

Earlier this week, a Supreme Court ruling came down that will revolutionize sports gambling in the United States. 

And it’s all happening at a time when the Eagles are on top of the world. 

While the Eagles have consistently had the second-best odds (after the Patriots) to win Super Bowl LIII since they won Super Bowl LII, they are the favorites to win the NFC East, according to Bovada. 

Here are the full 2018 opening division odds: 

Eagles: 5/8
Cowboys: 7/2
Giants: 6/1
Redskins: 15/2

The Vikings, Saints and Rams are the favorites to win the other NFC divisions. 

If the Eagles are able to win the division in 2018, it’ll be the first time a team has won the NFC East in back-to-back seasons in over a decade. The Eagles were actually the last team to do it, winning the division for four consecutive seasons in the early 2000s (01-04). 

In the 13 seasons since the 2004 season, the Eagles have won the division four times. The Cowboys have won it four times, the Giants three times and the Redskins twice. 

It would buck the recent trend if the Eagles win the NFC East, but after winning 13 games last year and returning most of their starters from the Super Bowl — not to mention getting several key injured players back — the Eagles should have a pretty good shot. 

The Eagles won 13 games last year and the next closest team was Dallas with nine wins. Washington (seven) and New York (three) combined to win fewer games than the Eagles. Really, it would be disappointing if the Eagles didn’t win the division.

Eagle Eye: How players handle last days before training camp

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Eagle Eye: How players handle last days before training camp

In the latest edition of Eagle Eye, Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks discuss what players are doing the final days leading up to the beginning of training camp. Following the Josh Hader social media controversy, how would something like that play out in a NFL locker room? MLB All-Star Game had players mic'd up. Which Eagles would you want to hear from live during a game?

1:00 - Guys are excited for training camp.
3:00 - What are players doing the last days leading up to training camp?
7:00 - Josh Hader's controversial past tweets.
14:00 - How would that play in a NFL locker room?
19:00 - Barrett doesn't like burgers with cheese.
21:30 - If you could hear NFL players mic'd up during a game, which Eagles would you want to hear from?

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With Hall of Fame induction nearing, Brian Dawkins realizes he's just like you

With Hall of Fame induction nearing, Brian Dawkins realizes he's just like you

Brian Dawkins always had a symbiotic relationship with Eagles fans.

He loved them, they loved him, and there isn’t a single Eagle in the last 50 years who was as universally adored as Dawkins.

Try to find an Eagles fan that didn’t like him. You can’t do it.

In 18 days, Dawkins will be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, and on Tuesday he talked about the Eagles fans who cheered for him about every autumn Sunday from 1996 through 2008.

"I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, but I believe if a Philadelphia Eagles fan had a chance to play, if all of a sudden they woke up and they woke up in the team hotel and they knew the game plan and they had knowledge of the system, athletic ability to run and to jump and they played the position that I played, the safety position, I believe the majority of them, if not all of them, would play the game the way that I played it,” Dawkins said.

“They would dance, they would be having a good time … and they would go out and enjoy the opportunity to be on the football field and show it and not be afraid to show their emotions, to play with passion and give everything that they have because that would be the only chance that they would ever get to play the game of football, and that’s how I played.

“I played with a chip on my shoulder, I wanted to have a good time, I danced, I celebrated after plays, I celebrated with my teammates, and they saw that.”

Everybody loves Dawkins. Not just because of his boundless ability, production in big games and peerless leadership, but because he connected on such a deep level with Eagles fans.

He wore his emotions on his sleeve, and you could tell he felt every loss just as profoundly as even the most rabid Eagles fan.

“It was genuine,” he said. “I was a genuine player when it came to, I’m going to give everything that I have, I’m not going to make excuses for anything. As a matter of fact, I’m going to take the burden upon myself. Even if it’s not my fault, it’s going to be my fault. I’m going to take it away from my teammates and put it on myself.

“I’m never going to make excuses. I’m going to try my best and never make those mistakes [again] that I made in the game. And I believe that they saw that, they recognized that, and the feeling is mutual.

“I love Eagles fans. Yeah, they’re crazy. They’re twisted in some ways. But I love them, because I am. There are a lot of parts of me that are twisted in a lot of different ways. That’s why I did some of the crazy stuff on the field that I did. So like, we fit. Like hand in glove, we fit.”

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