Graham didn’t even wait for kickoff to talk trash to Giants


There’s no one on the Eagles roster who talks more trash during a game than Brandon Graham.

On Saturday night, he didn’t even wait for the game to start.

Before the NFC divisional round game against the Giants, BG was already letting his opponents hear it when he went to midfield for the coin toss.

The best part of that video is how completely unfazed by the trash talk Fletcher Cox and Jason Kelce are. It’s like they barely even hear it anymore. Meanwhile, it’s like Brent Celek and Malcolm Jenkins got a little reminder of how Graham is on game days.

And even after all that, Graham had a little left over for the media in the locker room.

The cool thing about the 34-year-old Graham is that he talks all this trash but he does it playfully. He’s constantly talking but it’s always good-natured and fun.

And anytime he’s mic’d up, you get to hear him. Graham plays with a great motor but he also talks trash with that same motor. And he did it a few years ago against the Eagles’ NFC Championship Game opponent.

For most of the season, it’s been Graham, Kelce and Cox taking the field to represent the Eagles’ captains in these coin flips. None of them were really exactly sure how it ended up being that way but the three longest-tenured players on the roster are really soaking up these moments together.


“Those are moments you never forget,” Cox said in early December. “You cherish those moments. I’ve been here with BG and Kelce the whole time and it’s a special group of guys that’s played a lot of ball, that’s won a championship in this city.

“Us three always go out there. We offer it to the other guys but they just tell us three to go out there. We take over it and make sure it’s done.”

After going 13-4 in coin tosses during the regular season, the Eagles actually lost the toss before the Giants game — you probably couldn’t even hear that over Graham’s trash talk. But the Eagles got the ball because of it, marched down the field to score a touchdown and never looked back in their 38-7 win.

That result gave Graham one more opportunity to talk some smack and he didn’t pass it up.

Brock Purdy is going to hear it nonstop on Sunday.

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