As sports fans look for things to talk about with their favorite leagues on pause, things like re-drafts and "What if?" lookbacks have become extremely popular. It's understandable.

What's not understandable: Saints fans thinking they can rewrite history and take away the Eagles' incredible early-2018 Super Bowl run.

On Wednesday, Saints blog Canal St. Chronicles published a "What if?"-style post asking what might've happened if the Minneapolis Miracle never occurred in the 2018 Divisional Round matchup between the Saints and the Vikings.

The Vikings, of course, won on an insane last-second Stefon Diggs touchdown, then went on to get smoked by the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game. Would the Saints have experienced anything different had they won, and then trucked up to Philly?

Former Eagles Chris Long and Torrey Smith have some thoughts.

Long saw the post fly across his timeline on Wednesday morning, and replied with an of-the-moment Michael Jordan meme:

He left things up to interpretation, but it's clear he thinks the Eagles would've taken the Saints out, just like they did with Minnesota.

Former Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith didn't mince any words, with a slightly NSFW response:



The Eagles' magical Super Bowl run had an air of "Everything went right and fell into place" about it, so it's at least interesting to think about how one or two changes could've thrown off that mojo.

But the post operated under the impression that the Saints would absolutely have beaten the Eagles.

That's not going to fly.

From a logical standpoint, the Saints couldn't hold off a Vikings team that got absolutely squashed the next week, so ... no. And from an intangibles standpoint, the Linc was as fired up as it's ever been during the championship game, and the Birds had reached "team of destiny" levels during the playoffs. It would've taken something superhuman from the Saints to stop that Eagles team.

Long and Smith chiming in on Wednesday reminded everyone just how much fun the Eagles, and their fans, had in 2017-18. What a time it was.

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