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A crazy Donovan and T.O. stat in Roob's 10 Random Observations

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A crazy Donovan and T.O. stat, thoughts on the trade deadline and the one thing I want to see the rest of the year from Carson Wentz highlight this weekend's Roob's 10 Random Eagles Observations.

And no, we'll never stop talking about Donovan and T.O. 

1. Travis Fulgham has played just four games with Carson Wentz, but he already has the 5th-most TD catches from Wentz by a wide receiver. He trails only Alshon Jeffery (17), Nelson Agholor (12), Jordan Matthews (5) and Greg Ward (4). In four games. He'll be No. 3 soon. Heck, maybe by the end of the Dallas game. That says about as much about Fulgham as it says about the Eagles' receivers of recent years.

2. Wentz is the only quarterback in NFL history to record three straight seasons with 400 pass attempts and seven or fewer interceptions and then throw 10 interceptions in any ensuing season at any point during the rest of his career.

3. It still blows my mind that Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens played only 21 regular-season games together, yet T.O. caught more TDs from Donovan than any other wide receiver in Donovan's 11 years in Philly. And it isn't close. McNabb and Brian Westbrook connected 27 times, but among WRs, T.O. leads the way with 20 — nearly one per game — followed by James Thrash (14), Todd Pinkston (10), Reggie Brown (10), DeSean Jackson (9), Charles Johnson (7), Kevin Curtis (7), Hank Baskett (5) and Jason Avant (5). It's scary to think what Donovan could have done if he and T.O. spent a good chunk of their careers together. 


4. Today's Eagles Trivia Question: What former Eagle has the highest career yards-per-catch average among all 148 players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

5. The Eagles are on pace to record 55 sacks and allow 64 sacks. That would make them the first NFL team in 23 years with 54 or more sacks both recorded and allowed. The last team to do that was the 1997 Falcons, who had 55 and allowed 54. At least half of that stat is good.

6. I won't be surprised if Howie Roseman makes some kind of move at the trade deadline Tuesday — maybe a running back, maybe a linebacker — but I don't expect a blockbuster move. I just don't think it makes sense to give up any significant draft picks at this point when the player you acquire might help you for a few weeks but the player you draft might help you for a few years. Plus, do you really want to give up assets to maybe get to 7-8-1 instead of 6-9-1? The players that teams are offering in trades are generally underachieving and/or overpaid and that's about the last thing the Eagles need right now.

7. The Eagles continue to not intercept opposing passes at a record-setting pace. Their three INTs this year ties the fewest in franchise history through seven games and has the Eagles on pace for a third straight season with 11 or fewer INTs, something only 11 teams in NFL history have done. With the pressure the D-line has been getting, you'd think the secondary would have more than two interceptions in seven games (linebacker Alex Singleton has the third). In the last calendar year, Eagles defensive backs have five INTs in 17 games. Since opening day 2018, the Eagles have faced 1,435 pass attempts with 24 interceptions. 

8. How dangerous is life as an NFL running back? Only three running backs have currently started more than eight straight games — Ezekiel Elliott will start his 24th in a row Sunday night at the Linc, Todd Gurley has started 18 straight and Tampa's Ronald Jones 15 straight. That's it. 

9. Here's why you should be excited about this group of young receivers: When John Hightower gains another 34 yards and Jalen Reagor gains 104, this will be the first time in franchise history the Eagles will have four wide receivers 25 and under with 200 yards in a season. Imagine what this group will be able to do once Fulgham, Reagor, Hightower and Ward have an actual offseason with Wentz? 

10. The biggest thing I want to see the rest of the season is Wentz playing with the same urgency in the first three quarters that he's been playing with in the fourth quarter. It's great that he has this ability to rally the team back and make huge plays late in games. But you're not going to beat good teams consistently playing from behind, no matter how strong you finish. Might beat the Giants, not going to beat the Ravens. Carson has run or thrown for nine touchdowns in the first 54 minutes of games this year and six in the last six minutes. Some of that 4th-quarter magic spread out through the first three quarters would make this a different team.


TRIVIA ANSWER: Brian Dawkins has the highest career yards-per-catch average among all Hall of Famers at 57.0 yards per catch. His 57-yard TD on a fake punt from Brian Mitchell against the Texans in 2002 was Dawk's only career reception.

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