Goedert reacts to 0-yard game against Giants


When the Eagles game plan going into each weekend, one of the first things they do is figure out how to get the ball to No. 88.

They didn’t do a good job of that on Sunday.

Against the Giants, Dallas Goedert was targeted just 3 times and finished with just 1 catch for 0 yards.

“It’s whatever,” Goedert said on Wednesday. “Obviously, I would like to get 10 targets a game just like any other tight end in the game.

“But I think I make a big impact in the game in more ways than just catching the ball. I think we ran for 200+. If we’re doing that, we should be winning a lot of games. But I’m going to do whatever I can to help the team win and my number wasn’t called in the passing game as much so I did what I could in the run game.”

It’s true that Goedert is a very good blocker. And he’s right that he can have an impact on a game without catching the ball.

But the Eagles just made him one of the highest paid tight ends in the league earlier this season. And they’re not paying him over $14 million per season to run block.

The coaching staff didn’t do a good enough job making sure Goedert, no matter the coverage, was a big enough part of the passing game. The Eagles lost 13-7.

For his part, Goedert’s attitude is refreshing.

First, he admitted that the last target that came his way, on the final drive, should have been a catch by him. Even if he caught it though, the numbers from that game would have been disappointing.


“We call a run play, I’m going to try to win my assignment there. We call a pass play, I’m going to try to win my assignment there and get open vs. my matchup,” he said. “If the ball’s not coming to you … I don’t get to pick where it goes. I don’t get to pick the calls. I’m just going to try to go out there and win and do my assignments to the best of my ability each and every play.”

The problem is that the Eagles clearly have two top targets: Goedert and DeVonta Smith. And until another weapon emerges as a legitimate threat, opposing defenses are going to do everything they can to take them away.

The Eagles are clearly seeing that now. Goedert admitted that he’s beginning to see more double-teams on third downs.

After watching Goedert and Smith catch a combined three passes for 22 yards on Sunday, the rest of the NFL knows what they have to try to do against the Eagles. Limit 88 and 6.

So what comes next for the Eagles?

“For me, all I can do is attack one of the players and beat him and get open,” Goedert said. “But ultimately, shoot, if they’re trying that hard to take people away, then you’re going to have to go with other people. Get other people involved and the other people are going to have to step up and make plays so that teams can’t do that.”

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